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Elio in the Spotlight

Happy Friday Elio’ers.  We hope that your week was as good as ours!  The Elio story continues to gain momentum and every day we have more Elio fans find their way to the website.  As always, our most effective tool is you and the fantastic job you all do in spreading the word, so thank you.  We have been in the press a lot over the last month that we wanted to share in case you missed it.  Take a minute to read and watch: –  AOL Translogic posted a really cool video this week – click here to watch it again and again!


  –  The Green Light Autoblog with CEO Paul Elio.  Click here


–  Technology Tell did an article about the Elio engine here.  (Interesting website too, check it out) –  Here is another article that got a lot of attention: a great  piece from – check it out here Forbes –  Check out this piece from a “little” site called – click here


–  Here is an article that was posted on – click here –  We also stopped by the Lars Larson Show in Portland this week and Lars did his typical great job, click here to listen to the show. This are just a few of the many articles and videos that were shared with the world this month about our beloved Elio. Please take a minute (or 10) to check them all out!   This week on the preview tour: San Francisco Bay Area:  July 18, 2014 – July 20, 2014  – Village at Corte Madera – 1618 Redwood Hwy, Corte Madera, CA – Mall Hours – This is a P4 showing Next Week July 24th through July 27th – We take San Diego by storm and do Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center!  We will be both inside and outside of the convention center, and will be a moving target but all around the convention center!  This will be a P3 and P4 show, P3 inside and P4 outside!  Here is an announcement that was released this week on Thank you again for your continued support and passion! GeekNation2

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