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Elio Momentum v38 – Seen an Elio Motors TV Spot Lately?

“Own the Future” Ad Campaign Launches with Double Meaning

Late last week, Elio Motors passed another important landmark. We launched our first national television advertising campaign, sharing our message with potentially millions of new Elio fans across the country.

As we continue our quest toward production, raising awareness is more important than ever.  While it might be hard for readers of this eNewsletter to believe, there are actually people out there who still haven’t heard of us!

The long-term goal of the advertising is to find some of these uninitiated future Elio fans, create awareness, spark interest and drive future sales. But, there’s a short-term goal, too.

As you most likely know, we are in the midst of raising funds through a Regulation A+ stock offering that will close on Feb. 1, 2016. This offering has raised approximately $16 million to date, and has enabled Elio Motors to begin development of the E-Series, our testing and prototype vehicles, a monumental next step in our development.

With that in mind, we developed the ad campaign – titled “Own the Future” – with a double meaning. It means own the future of transportation by reserving a place in line, obviously. But, it also means own a piece of this company that’s changing the world. Literally – own some stock.

How does this help? Paul Elio has been very clear – funding is our biggest challenge. Attracting more investors and reservation holders will continue to help us on this road to production.

Low-Cost Production, Strategic Media Buy Delivers More Bang for the Buck

We know what you’re thinking…”the Super Bowl is Feb. 7! Elio will be wedged in somewhere between the Budweiser Clydesdales and Danica Patrick!”

Maybe someday, but not yet! The 30- and 60-second spots are running on national cable networks including Animal Planet, ESPN News, ESPNU, Fox Business Network, Fox News, Fox Sports, National Geographic and Velocity.

The television spots feature sweeping shots of the P4 prototype and Paul’s vision to “alter the course” of society by creating a low-cost, highly fuel-efficient vehicle unlike anything on the road today (see TV spot here).

He also stresses how important it was “to do something.” Sitting on the sidelines and complaining about the fate of the world just isn’t Paul’s style. He remains committed to strengthening American manufacturing, creating American jobs, providing access to low-cost mobility for millions of people and reducing our overall oil consumption.

Of course, now is your chance to “Own the Future” and to “do something.” If you believe in Paul’s vision and have thought about making an investment, it’s not too late to participate in the current stock offering. Head over to the page, and if you like what you see, make an investment. With just five days left…the clock is ticking!

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