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Elio Momentum v7 – Success of Crowdfunding Initiative

Every Revolution Needs Its Thomas Paine – How One Fan is Helping Spread the Word


Paul Elio really is out to change the world.

Elio Motors is a revolutionary company in just about every way. This includes the vehicle itself, how we work with our suppliers, how it will be sold and serviced, and now, how we are going to finance the company. The groundbreaking crowdfunding strategy made possible by the 2012 JumpStart Our Business Start-up (JOBS) Act is helping us raise capital and is providing exciting ownership opportunities for everyday people.

You’ve heard us talk about how we are changing the world a lot here, obviously. But, once in a while, we see a comment from a fan that perfectly captures the essence of what we are trying to accomplish. It’s sort of like the Revolutionary War had Thomas Paine and “Common Sense.”

Here’s one from a fan who goes by the handle Art Vandalay on the Elio Motors Owners Association Facebook Page (yes, we know…Art Vandalay was a fictional fictional character on Seinfeld, but the sentiments here are very real!)

“I’m in! This is not just about money. This is about changing the game. If you want to change the world, you have to start somewhere. This is about more than making a few bucks on an investment. This is about launching a company that can change the way the entire world looks at personal transportation. It’s about saving energy; saving the environment; bringing mobility to those that could not otherwise afford it; creating jobs that matter; making our country safer and more prosperous. This is not without risk, but nothing worth doing is without risk. There is a time for discussion and a time for action. We’ve been discussing long enough. Let’s do this!” 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We are excited about the crowdfunding strategy and our relationship with crowdfunding platform If you’ve typed into your browser, you might have been a bit surprised to see a different look for the company. We’ll be on the StartEngine page until approximately July 31 as we “test the waters” for potential investors.

We can’t comment on the success of this campaign to date, but can express how incredibly pleased we are with the response as it appears there are others out there like Art Vandalay (the Elio Fan, not the George Costanza alter-ego) who have chosen to follow Paul’s mantra to `do something’ as well.

In the meantime, if you are an Elio fan, spread the word. While we have to be careful with what we say, you don’t. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors. Have them check out to see if an Elio Motors investment might be for them.

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