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Elio Motors 2015 Countdown – Number One!

In the past several weeks, we have been counting down the top five milestones that we here at Elio Motors have enjoyed in 2015. In case you missed any of them, the links for the previous four milestones are below.

Number 5: Public Speaking Engagements

Number 4: Awards

Number 3: The Elio Engine­­­­

Number 2: Stock Sale


The number 1 milestone of 2015 arguably generated the greatest amount of buzz from media and supporters alike and is a major step forward for Elio Motors.

Number 1: The Fifth Generation Prototype (P5)

The Los Angeles Auto Show is one of the largest and most prestigious auto shows in the world. Before the show opens to the general public, several days are reserved for trade and media members only. On these exclusive days, many manufacturers use the opportunity to display new models and make exciting announcements. Digital Trends described November 18th as “a banner day at the 2015 LA Auto Show.” On November 19th, however, “another car was unveiled to the public, one you might call the people’s main event.”

In a press conference at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Paul Elio outlined the Elio Motors mission and announced several exciting developments to the roughly 90 media members in attendance. Behind Paul, the P5 was covered, patiently waiting to make its grand debut. As the cover was removed from the shiny Red Hot fifth generation prototype, gasps were audible throughout the South Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center. The P5 clearly held its own on the biggest stage.

Just as the P5 is a huge step for Elio Motors, it was also a huge undertaking. Thousands of hours went into the design and execution of the vehicle, and it shows. Several subtle but important improvements were made to the P5: the front end was lengthened for improved aerodynamics, several interior changes were made to enhance comfort and convenience, and the instrument panel displayed improved aesthetics. As we outlined in Milestone 3, the P5 is the first prototype to feature the Elio engine designed by IAV.

There are several factors that make the P5 unique. First, it is incredibly rare for a manufacturer to allow their supporters to touch, sit in, and take pictures of a pre-production prototype. At Elio Motors, we are fortunate to have an incredibly passionate fan base, and it has been our goal to keep them informed every step of the way. Additionally, the color of the prototype was not selected in a board room by executives; it was decided by our supporters in an online poll. At the Los Angeles Auto Show, supporters could see for themselves the color they selected, and they made a fantastic decision.

The P5, while very pleasing to look at, is much more than mere eye candy. It is the first prototype to be powered by the Elio Motors engine. The P5 is also the last in the “P” series. Now, based on the improvements made to the P5, we will begin to build the “E” series. These vehicles will be used for testing and validation purposes and represents a major step toward production.

2015 has been a monumental year for Elio Motors. While we outlined 5 milestones, this year has seen countless accomplishments and achievements and many milestones narrowly missed the list. We are incredibly grateful to all of our supporters, as none of these milestones would be possible without them.

We look forward to building on the momentum we generated in 2015 into an even better 2016!


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