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Happy Friday Elio’ers! Can you believe that the summer season is already coming to a close? It seems like just yesterday we were kicking off the season with Memorial Day, and yet Labor Day is rapidly approaching. The end of the summer season also marks the beginning of the education calendar for many. Whether starting preschool, high school or college, this is an exciting time of year for students.


Speaking of learning, we have a truly incredible fan base. From our earliest adopters to folks who just discovered us today, our supporters just can’t seem to get enough Elio Motors information. In an attempt to make our information easy to manage, we periodically compline a blog index. Below you’ll find a ton of great Elio information, broken down into a few categories:


Introducing an Addition to Standard Equipment

A Look at the Interior of the P5!

New Videos and More!

Presenting the E1a!

More E1a coverage!


The Business of Elio

Staying in the Elio Motors Loop

49 Down, 1 To Go…

The Journey Continues…

Exclusive Plant Coverage!

More Legislative Progress!



SIL, Emails, and More…

SEC, SIL, and More!

Elio Motors Locks In Its Price

Have You Locked In Your Price?



Are you ready for Tax Day?

Elio and Earth Day 2016

Memorial Day and a Quick Catch Up

An Elio Motors FAQ!

“Bloglight” on Arizona!


Over the past few weeks we’ve received a ton of questions regarding the recent price lock. A historic number of emails have come in- if you’ve sent an email, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you! We are working diligently to answer each email personally.
The most common question is:

I have an All-In reservation. Do I need to do anything to lock in my price?

If you have an All-In, non-refundable reservation and you’d like to lock in your base price at $7,000, you need to go to and fill out the brief form. Please make sure to use the email address you used to initially make the reservation.

If you do not wish to make the binding commitment and lock in the lower price, no action is necessary- your price is set at $7,300*.

Here’s a helpful infographic:

Lock In


If you still have questions, please refer to this helpful link.


Elio Preview Tour:



Thanks for your support!

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