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Elio Motors: Focused on the Present and Future| Elio Momentum v73

Elio Motors is Embracing the Technologies of the 21st Century

The P5 shown at the Elio Motors Shreveport, LA Manufacturing Facility.

The P5 shown at the Elio Motors Shreveport, LA Manufacturing Facility.


To stay competitive, it’s crucial to not only focus on the present but to constantly look toward the future. In the 1990s, Blockbuster Video was the king of the home video market. Competitors popped up and disappeared, and the future success of Blockbuster looked inevitable. Blockbuster, however, failed to adapt to changing technology and plan for the future, which led to its imminent demise.  Elio Motors understands the vital importance of making progress in the present while keeping an eye to the future, which is why we have chosen IQMS, a leading manufacturing and execution software, as our single system for managing all of our manufacturing processes.

When you think of manufacturing, you may think of old robots in rusty, ancient manufacturing plants. The reality is different: digital technology is quickly making its mark on the manufacturing sector and advancements in technology are making for more efficient, productive, and intelligent manufacturing processes. While some manufacturers are stuck with a 20th-century mindset, Elio Motors is embracing the technologies of the 21st century. We are constantly looking for ways to best use new resources and manage our business in the most cost-efficient manner.

As part of this 21st-century mindset, we will be utilizing IQMS ERP software to manage all of our processes, including manufacturing, planning, quality assurance, supply chain, and accounting. This superior software allows Elio Motors to plan and implement our manufacturing system, while also leveraging the software across our business hosted on IQMS’s Oracle Cloud Platform. The Oracle Cloud Platform is highly advanced and forward-thinking technology and is an example of how we are building a lasting business. IQMS will allow Elio Motors to utilize a real-time production monitoring technology, which will result in optimum efficiency and productivity.

IQMS offers Elio Motors several distinct advantages over other software. As Elio Motors is a start-up company, there is no need to transfer old systems over to IQMS. Elio Motors can build, essentially from scratch, our own manufacturing process on IQMS’ software. IQMS allows Elio Motors to implement the industry’s best practices in manufacturing from day one. This also allows Elio Motors to build our systems, specifically for our needs, with future growth in mind.

Another major advantage that IQMS offers Elio Motors is their extensive experience. IQMS has compiled manufacturing data for more than 27 years, and Elio Motors can utilize these learnings to enhance and optimize our processes. By utilizing IQMS’ cloud-based analytics, our team can continuously make improvements to our manufacturing processes.

Not only does IQMS enable Elio Motors to utilize the industry standard, but it also offers lower operating costs, superior reliability, and a ton of time saved. As Elio Motors is a manufacturer and not a data center, using IQMS’ Oracle Cloud Platform lets Elio Motors allocate resources to other areas of our business. Where it would take considerable capital and time to set up these systems, IQMS’ Oracle Cloud Platform offers 24/7 monitoring and saves Elio Motors from building and managing infrastructure at the plant. With IQMS, we can quickly and efficiently roll out our systems, and grow them in the future.

The automotive industry is notoriously competitive. IQMS provides a strategic advantage by optimizing the planning and manufacturing process; while Oracle’s Cloud Platform allows us to focus on our core business. IMQS provides Elio Motors a best in class manufacturing ERP platform to grow on as we continue to focus on our mission to alter the course of transportation.


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