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Elio Motors Tour – It’s a wrap at NAIAS!

Hello Elio’ers!  It’s a wrap at the North American International Auto Show.  We want to thank all of the FutureElioOwners who came out to see us and the shiny P5, of course.


Like Lea, #1771, who took advice from a friend and researched Elio Motors a couple of years ago.  The economics, design and the affect on our carbon footprint all played factors in her decision to put down a reservation.  She was super enthusiastic in the booth and was even quoted saying “[The Elio] is the sexiest thing on the floor!”  Lea’s words, not ours, but Cult of Mac agreed a while back.  Take a look at this throwback article. 



Paul and Marti from Indiana made the trip to The Motor City to see the next big thing in transportation.  They hold the #1322 spot, thanks to Marti’s swift decision making.  When she saw Elio Motors online for the first time she forwarded the link to Paul with the caption, “I want the blue one.”  Soon, Marti, soon ;)



A special shoutout goes to some of the other FutureElioOwner celebs in the booth, LillyMay and Silas Sunday who showed their support throughout the week.  LillyMay even enlisted the help of her granddaughter to spread the word around the show that a revolutionary vehicle was amongst them.  We sincerely appreciate all that you guys do.

IMG_1555Pictured left to right: LillyMay, Silas, Lea, Media Relations Pam Vassallo and Vice President of Sales Jerome Vassallo


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