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Elio Motors Year In Review I Elio Momentum v86

A Year To Remember

The beginning of a new year encourages us to look forward. Yet, to understand where we are headed, it’s valuable to look back and take stock of where the past year has led us. 2016 was a successful year for Elio Motors, and the progress of the last year has set us on an even more successful course in 2017. In the past year, we have offered our vision for the future, unveiled our plan to improve the way car buyers select vehicle options, announced successful supplier partnerships, made strides in funding our business, and publicly introduced our E-Series vehicles.

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The progress has come at a frenzied pace, and the Momentum has been here every week to keep you in the loop. As a way to encapsulate the progress we’ve made in 2016, below you’ll find an index of every 2016 Momentum.

1-7-16 It’s Showtime Folks…Almost!

1-14-16 What did you miss at the North American International Auto Show?

1-21-16 What are Industry Preview Days?

1-28-16 Seen an Elio Motors TV Spot Lately?

2-4-16 The next milestone is within reach…

2-11-16 Elio Motors’ Top 10 Things to Love

2-17-16 Precision design and engineering

2-24-16 Elio Motors Press Conference

3-3-16 It’s the “WHY” behind what we do

3-9-16 Elio Motors adds Roush as Lead Engineering Partner

3-17-16 Big announcement from Elio Motors…

3-23-16 Introducing the Elio Motors Option Program

3-31-16 Elio Motors Shows Off its Body Panels

4-8-16 Meet Elio Motors’ New Engineering VP, Jeff Johnston

4-14-16 Elio Motors Completes Third of Four Key Engineering Milestones

4-21-16 Elio Motors Establishes Pilot Operations Center

4-29-16 E-Series Engineering Completed!

5-6-16 50% Reservation Bonus is Coming to an End!

5-12-16 Elio Motors Fills Three Key Engineering Positions

5-20-16 Elio Motors, Linamar Sign Letter of Intent

5-26-16 First E-Series Vehicles Take Shape at Pilot Center

6-3-16 Behind the Scenes: Computer Aided Engineering

6-9-16 Behind the Curtain: A Peek at the Elio’s Instrument Panel

6-19-16 Prepped and Ready for E-Series Assembly

6-23-16 Progress Continues Toward Commercial Production

6-29-16 Final Phase in Pictures: The First E-Series Vehicle

7-6-16 Video: Unveiling of the First E-Series Vehicle

7-13-16 Inside the Elio Motors Shreveport Manufacturing Facility

7-21-16 Paul Elio Presents to the SEC Advisory Committee

7-27-16 Behind the Scenes: Elio Motors’ Supplier Summit

8-4-16 Meet the 23 E-Series Vehicles

8-11-16 Elio Motors Improves Chassis and Frame

8-18-16 Refinements to the body of the Elio

8-25-16 Did you lock in your base price

9-1-16 Yes, More Elio Accessories

9-7-16 Paul Elio presents at Gateway Conference

9-15-16 UPDATE: The next E-Series vehicle is on its way!

9-22-16 Not all three-wheel vehicles are created equal

9-28-16 Elio Motors: Focused on the Present and Future

10-6-16 Elio Motors Announces Political Endorsement

10-13-16 A new “must have” tech option for your Elio!

10-19-16 HVAC Testing Update

10-28-16 Elio Motors Announces Seat Manufacturing Partner

11-2-16 Is an electric Elio in the future?

11-11-16 Elio Motors Retail Centers

11-17-16 Introducing the newly completed E-Series vehicle!

11-25-16 An Elio Motors Progress Update

12-1-16 Elio Motors introduces E1c at the Los Angeles Auto Show

12-8-16 Elio Motors answers your key questions

12-16-16 Choose the color of your Elio

12-22-16 Elio Motors Spotlight: Two Key Suppliers


Thank you for your support and Happy New Year.

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