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Elio Reservation Holders Map 2-19-16

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Happy Friday Elio friends, family and fans! Spring is in the air, can you feel it? Most of the country is feeling a nice warm push this weekend giving us in the Midwest and east coast some mid-February hope. I can see the grass… in February!

Nothing like some great weather and Elio progress to put a spring in your step! Did you see this week’s news? It was another busy week for us, here are links to this week’s buzz:

Press Release- Elio Motors’ Shares Launch on OTCQX (

Press Release- Elio Motors Releases Body Framing and Engine Cradle Design to Suppliers for E-Series Engineering Prototype Builds (

Progress – every day.

This week in Three Wheeling we are going to do a refresh on a question we often get: Where are the Elio reservation holders? We have shared this in the past a couple of times, but given the crossing of 50,000 reservation mark and the interest shown, here is the current look at the reservation holders across the US.




(The darker the state, the higher the number of Elio reservation holders)

Pretty cool huh? Let’s look at some of the numbers:

The average by state is just under 1,000 per state (isn’t math great… 50 states plus the District of Columbia for a total of 51, divided into 50,000 reservations = almost 1000 per state (includes the District of Columbia) easy.

Our top five states in order of most reservations: California, Texas, Florida, Arizona and Washington. California is leading the pack by a substantial margin. Interesting that California (#1) Texas (#2) and Florida (#4) are in the top 5 in population and in Elio reservations. Washington is representing the Elio support coming in at #5 for reservations and #13 in population while Arizona is really setting the pace at #4 for reservations and #16 in population. That is showing some great support!

On the other side of the coin, only three states and the District of Columbia have less than 100 reservation holders and they are all amongst the 7 lowest populated states. They are all close, though, maybe next time we can have everyone over 100.

Of all the possible numbers of reservation holders, Maine and West Virginia have the exact same number, as do Mississippi and New Hampshire as do Iowa and Utah.

And finally, this will not be relevant to all people out there, maybe only me really. While looking into the data, I plugged in my zip code to see what it looked like. I was shocked to find that there are over 20 Elio reservation holders in the adjoining zip codes! That is an amazing number given that we don’t know them and they found Elio on their own! We are always ready to welcome new members, and neighbors, to the Elio family.

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