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Engine Q&A with IAV – 2-21-14

A fantastic Friday to all of our Elio friends and fans.  This was an exciting week for everyone involved as we crossed the 10,000 reservation plateau.  This is the true definition of a team effort as we couldn’t have achieved this without you!  This is just one step of our journey as we move on to bigger and better places.  How high can we take this? 25,000? 50,000?  Together anything is possible!

Last week we answered many of the most popular questions that have come our way.  Many of you wondered why we didn’t answer any on the engine.  All was done by design because we knew that this week we had the guru when it comes to the Elio/IAV engine, Kody, the Project Director for the Elio/IAV powertrain.  Here we go:

Q. Let’s start off with an easy one: What type of oil will the engine take?  Can we use synthetic oil?

  • The oil that is currently specified for the engine is 5w 20, a standard motor oil.  As for synthetic, those specs will have to follow as we are working with our oil partner to find the right blend for our engine.  Oh, and the change interval for the oil will be just like most automotive engines, 3,000 miles.

Q. What type of fuel injection will the Elio/IAV engine have?

  • Our engine will be designed with sequential port fuel injection as a fuel delivery method.  This allows us to control the fuel usage more accurately which leads to the outstanding gas mileage that we will achieve, 84 mpg on the highway.Engine2

Q. Are we going to use a timing chain or belt?

  • The all-aluminum, liquid cooled Elio engine will use a timing chain.  We chose to go with the timing chain because of durability.

Q. What is the final horsepower rating going to be?

  • The current spec for the horsepower is 55.  We do have the ability, however, to move that number either up (over 60hp) or down to achieve our goal of 84 mpg highway.  The fine tuning of the engine performance curve is in process now to ensure that we hit the targeted 84 mpg highway.Engine1

Q. Finally, what air filter will be used and can it be replaced with a performance filter?

  • The air filter for the Elio engine will be an “off the shelf” solution keeping in concert with the overall strategy of using existing parts where we can.  As for a performance air filter, yes, you will be able to use them if you would like.

Thanks again to all of you for your support.  10K is a great stepping stone on our way to changing the way you move!

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