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Money in Your Pocket – 6-27-14


Happy Friday Elio Friends and Family!  We had another great week this week as we had a chance to show off the P3 at the CES show in New York City.  We talked to a lot of journalists that loved your Elio and who will be doing articles/blogs/videos about us in the coming days.  Spreading the word on a national stage, great fun!Dollarsigns
Speaking of great fun, have you had the chance to sit down and do the math on what the Elio will save you when we begin production next year?  There was an article today in the USA Today that mentioned that Americans are planning 1.9% more travel this year over the July Fourth weekend. Over 41 million people are planning travel over the weekend, with almost 85% of them traveling by car more than 50 miles each way. This means that 35 million people will jump in their vehicles and travel at least 100 miles (50 out and 50 back) which is over 3.5 billion miles, yes with a B, billion. Wow, that is a lot of miles and a lot of money going into the gas tank!

So we started thinking… what if all of those miles were done in an Elio instead of an “average” vehicle.  We know, this is not fully realistic because of a number of variables, but work with us. As it sits right now the 3.5 billion miles driven next weekend will average 21.6 mpg and the fuel would be $3.684.  So here is what that looks like:

100 miles  X  35,000,000 drivers   ÷   21.6 MPG US average*  =  162,037,037 gallons

Then take those gallons times the average cost today in the US**

162,037,037 Gallons     X      $3.684 cost per gallon**   =  $596,944,444

That’s almost $600 million dollars in gas that will be burned over next weekend alone!  So what would that look like if you changed all of those miles to the Elio and the highway mileage of 84 mpg?

100 miles  X  35,000,000 drivers   ÷   84 MPG Highway  =  41,666,667 gallons

Which would cost:

41,666,667 Gallons    X    $3.684 cost per gallon**   =  $153,500,000



 Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 5.53.54 PM


So, in the most extreme case we could save American drivers over 4 million dollars next weekend! How much fun could you make with an extra $443 million lying around?

Have you done the math on how this will positively affect your life and pocketbook?  It is fairly easy to compute, all you need is your total miles driven, your current miles per gallon and how much you pay for gas.  The numbers will vary for each person depending on what vehicle you drive now, your mileage etc. but in every case against a car or truck, you will save money with Elio.

We spoke with a reservation holder Lindsay in Oregon about her situation and this is what it will look like for her:  Miles driven a week to work and errands: 350 – 400       Current MPG (Chevy Equinox) 23 mpg (“guesstimate”)

400 miles per week ÷ 23 miles per gallon = 17.391 gallons X $3.959 = $68.85 per week in gasoline cost  X 4.33 weeks a month = $298.12 a month.  When she gets her Elio, that number looks like this:  400 miles per week ÷ 84 mpg (we are using 84 hwy for consistency with above example, it is not the EPA blended rate for miles per gallon) = 4.76 gallons X $ 3.959 = $18.85 week X 4.33 weeks in a month = $81.60 for the month.  That means in this example Lindsay will save over $2,000 a year!

Take the time to do the math, you will be amazed on the money you can save on gas!

The Elio Preview Team is heading West, see you in Tacoma next weekend.


Thank you for your continued support and have a great weekend!

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