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Final Phase in Pictures: The First E-Series Vehicle | Elio Momentum v60

First E-Series Vehicle Progresses to Completion at Pilot Operations Center

Last week, we shared with you that the first E-Series vehicle was approaching completion. This week, the vehicle is so close to being done, you can almost smell the Turtle Wax.

As we come around the last turn and enter the final straight away in our race to complete the first testing vehicle, we find that the Elio’s body panels all have been installed and are being adjusted for fit and finish by our seasoned, eight-person team of assembly technicians. In this image, the rear wheel and tire are in place and the technician is checking to ensure that the body side panel is in its proper position in preparation for installing the wheel fairing surround. That’s the charcoal body panel that protects the rear suspension and will enhance aerodynamic flow.

This photo, taken from the rear, helps to drive home the aerodynamic styling of the Elio, which is designed to increase its ability to cut through the air at highway speeds and help the Elio achieve up to 84 mpg highway.


A rear view of the first Elio E-Series vehicle in final assembly.

As the interior comes together, all of the trim panels are being installed, including the driver’s right side panel (pictured here) along with the emergency brake assembly and trim. Note that the smooth finish of the trim, which is appropriate for the testing and validation of the E-Series engineering vehicles, is not the final commercial production graining which will be utilized for the consumer version of the Elio.


The driver’s right side panel, pictured with the emergency brake assembly and trim.

The rear seat and rear passenger compartment trim have been installed and reflect important attention to detail. The image below showcases two key customer features – note the arm rest on the trim panel and the strategically placed cupholder in the bottom left portion of the frame.


The Elio’s rear seat with right-side rear passenger compartment trim.

As we’ve mentioned previously, safety is one of Elio Motor’s four “Must Haves” in the vehicle. Pictured is the passenger’s seat belt and retractor, which are part ofthe Elio’s occupant restraint system that also includes three airbags, steel roll cage, ABS, and more.


The passenger’s seat belt and retractor, both part of the Elio’s occupant restraint system.

Here are the next three Elio E-Series vehicles, waiting their turn to be born at the Pilot Operations Center. In all, the plan is to produce 23 E-Series vehicles to allow suppliers to calibrate important systems that will enhance the safety, comfort, entertainment, and navigation of the Elio.


Three Elio E-Series vehicles, awaiting assembly at the Pilot Operations Center.

Next week, we’ll give you a look at the first E-Series vehicle as it’s ready to begin its life in testing with a major supplier to the Elio Motors program.

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