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Friday Catch Up – Crowdfunding, the Tour and the P5 Poll


Happy Friday Elio’ers! This week the blog will be focused on additional questions that have come up surrounding our latest funding opportunity we kicked off last week with our partner We can’t say a lot about the success of the program to date other than the response has been fantastic and exceeded our high expectations, for the first week and we look forward to the momentum continuing as more people learn about the offering.

The most common  question again this week is “What/why is the Elio Motors website different?”  The short answer is that we have redirected all the traffic from our website,, to our partners’ site, The main reason, besides  for this is to make sure that anyone looking for Elio Motors has an opportunity to see the offering. We have had so many people inquire about “investing in Elio as a small investor” that we wanted to make sure that everyone saw it and that no one was left behind. The regular website will be back after the initial roll out.

Once there, you can see the opportunity to “Reserve my Shares” in Elio Motors. You can always return to the Elio site by clicking the button with the Elio logo or by typing into your browser to be taken straight to our site. This is the button to click on to get back to :


The second most popular question is about logging in to Your Elio Motors log in will not work on their site as it is not our site. You will need to make a new account with StartEngine to reserve shares. It takes about 30 seconds to complete and is simple to start: click the “sign up” button in the upper right hand side of the website. The support team at StartEngine is working hard to keep up with questions about logging in. Click “help” on the site to reach their customer support.

If you would like to reach Elio Motors customer support you need to be on the Elio Motors site before you click support. And as always, you could send us email to [email protected] to reach us at any time. We usually respond in under 24 hours.

We have had several emails about the Elio Preview Tour this week too. The tour details are found on the Elio Motors website under the “Find Us” tab and select “Tour Stops” ( You can also go directly there by clicking here. Please remember to check frequently in the days leading up to an event you are planning to attend. We will continue to update the website with any changes (times, dates, locations etc.) when/if they happen. We will do our best to keep everyone in the loop because as you know, regardless how hard you plan, stuff happens.

Our final topic this week is the P5, phase 1, poll. The results are in (voting closed today at noon EST) and the winners are… Red Hot and Marshmallow! These two colors won a hotly contested battle in a big way over True Blue and Licorice. Licorice is still befuddled and can be heard mumbling “I am the number 2 color for cars in the world, #2! How can I lose the semifinal??!?!” It wasn’t even close as Red Hot and Marshmallow ran away with it. The new poll opens up Monday June 29, 2015 to pick the final color for the new P5, get your vote in!


The Elio Preview Tour:

June 26th – Today – Lake Havasu City, AZ – Hampton Inn, 245 London Bridge Road, 5 pm to 8 pm; P4

June 27th – Colton, CA – Hampton Inn and Suites, 250 North 9th Street – 5 pm to 8 pm; P4

June 28th – Culver City, CA – DoubleTree Hotel (overflow parking across the street from hotel), 6161 Centinela Avenue, 5 pm to 8 pm; P4

Thanks for your continued Support!

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