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American drivers spend enough time driving each day that their vehicles essentially act as a second residence. Since many Americans spend so much time commuting, the owner should be able to make the vehicle their own. Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible for drivers to truly customize their own vehicles right off the lot. Currently, the automotive industry limits excessive inventory by offering option packages instead of allowing owners to purchase the individual options they want. We think that the status quo can be changed through a combination of both our ePlus: My Elio, My Way after-sale option program and the aftermarket.

If you’ve recently purchased a new vehicle, you know that adding an “option” is almost never a true option. Say, for example, you want to add leather seats to your new purchase. You can certainly have leather seats in your vehicle, but only if you add additional options that are included in your option package. Now, your leather seats will likely come with several other additions that you likely did not want or maybe never use. Additionally, if the newest technology is a part of an option package, this tech will almost assuredly be obsolete within a few years. The current system greatly benefits the dealer at the expense of the customer.


We think there is a better way, which is why we will offer our ePlus option program. The idea is simple: at the factory, we will produce a total of 14 vehicles (7 different colors and 2 transmission offerings.) From there, each Elio customer will have the opportunity to add the options they want to their vehicle. These options are OEM parts, designed and approved for the Elio. We will not offer any option packages and Elio Motors customers will select only the options they want and will use.

Additionally, Elio owners can make initial option selections with the opportunity to add improvements after taking possession of their vehicles by bringing their vehicles to an Elio Motors store. For example, an owner can choose a standard radio when they initially purchase their vehicle. When a brand-new, must have radio becomes available, they will be able to bring their Elio back to a store and install the new OEM option. Elio owners will be able to add the newest technology without having to purchase a new vehicle.

If options are not made available through our after-sale program ePlus, they will likely be made available through the automotive aftermarket. If you’re not familiar, the aftermarket provides parts (replacement parts like brake pads, and most everything you can think of to add to your vehicle) that they feel customers will use either in addition to or instead of OEM parts. The aftermarket is worth approximately $318.2 billion annually and employs more than 4 million Americans. Our goal is to provide you with original equipment parts, exactly what you want, at a great price, with OE fit and finish.

The low price and high mileage make the Elio an ideal commuter vehicle. We believe they should be able to choose when it comes to the vehicle’s features for a fair price. In an Elio, you can customize your ideal vehicle at an affordable price while keeping up with the newest tech trends.

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