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Have you heard? A change we think you’ll like….

Happy Friday Elio’ers! If you left your Super Bowl party early or changed the channel in the 3rd quarter and have been living under a rock, we have some news for you: The New England Patriots pulled off an incredible comeback in Super Bowl 51. As we have supporters from all across the country, we have two different messages. To our fans in the Atlanta area, please accept our sympathies. It was an incredibly painful loss, but we think that you’ll have a shot at the big game again very soon. And, to fans of the victors, congratulations. Regardless of who you were rooting for, you have to admit that Sunday’s game will go down as one of the best Super Bowls of all-time.

In this week’s Momentum, we talked about a change to a key component in the Elio. Previously, the Elio dash was going to resemble the dials on a Lord Elgin watch. In case you’re unfamiliar, here’s a picture:

lord elgin

Pretty cool, right? We think that modeling of this dash was a pretty neat idea for a few different reasons. Not only is the idea unique and eye-catching, it has sentimental value to our CEO. Paul’s late father gifted him an Elgin Lord watch as a gift. This gift meant an incredible amount to Paul and he wanted to memorialize his father with the dash of the Elio. While we still think the Elgin dash has considerable value, we have decided to place a traditional dash in our production vehicle for several reasons: supporter input, cost, and development time.

After we announced our decision, we had a large outpouring of feedback from our supporters and reservation holders. Many voiced their support for the choice, while also agreeing that the Elgin dash should be available as either an option or as an add-on to the current dash. We also fielded some questions about our dash.

So, let’s get to them!

Q: Will the production dash be a single or double din?

The production dash will be a single din.

Q: Will there be a port to keep my devices charged?

Yes, two in fact! One will be a charge-only USB port located in the radio area as well as an aux. power outlet in the dash. Think the “cigarette lighter” minus the lighter. We will have more details on the specifics of the radio forthcoming. Please stay tuned!

Q: Is the dash in another vehicle?

Not yet! While we will use a traditional dash, it is unique to Elio Motors.

Momentum 12

Thanks to everyone for providing their feedback and for asking some great questions!

Before we head off into the weekend, we wanted to give everyone a heads up about the next Spot in Line (SIL) mailing. Look for the next batch to go out on Wednesday, February 15th.

Thanks for your support!

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