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Happy Friday Elio’ers! It’s almost that time of year when you can stow away your lawnmower for a while and get your leaf blower primed and ready to go. Of course, it always seems like not too long after that, it’s time to break out the snow blower. If you like to spend time outdoors when it’s not swelteringly hot or chillingly cold, this is your time of year! The holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier, so it’s no surprise that some have already begun their countdown to December. Whatever floats your boat!

Speaking of counting down the days for something exciting, reservation holders who have either made a new reservation or upgrade to the $1,000 “All In” level since July 26th, next week is your lucky week! We often hear from excited reservation holders right after they make their reservation or upgrade, anxiously wanting to know their number so they can brag to their friends. We send out reservation numbers in batches, every 8 weeks or so, and we will be sending out the next batch of Spot in Line (SIL) emails next week.


The SIL mailing always generates a ton of great questions, so here are a few notes:

A reservation number or SIL is only for $1,000 “All In” reservation holders. This number shows exactly where their reservation stands in the reservation queue. Once this is done, the reservation spot is locked in and cannot change. No one can get ahead of this spot in line! Also, the reservation number is unique. No one else can have that number.

If you made your reservation or upgrade to get to the $1,000 “All In” level before July 26th and have already received your reservation number, you will not get another email. Once you already have your number you are good to go!

If you are not yet at the $1,000 “All In” level, but want to join this exclusive club before the next batch is sent out, here’s how:

  1. If you have an “All In” reservation that is below the $1,000 level, all you need to do is upgrade. Here’s the link.
  2. If you have a refundable reservation, here’s the link to convert. If you have a $1,000 refundable reservation and convert, you are set. If your reservation is under the $1,000 level, just convert, and then go here to upgrade. Easy!

While we’re on the subject of the perks that come with being a reservation holder, you may have heard about our recent headphones promotion, in conjunction with our audio partner MTX.  “All In” reservation holders can buy these fantastic headphones for the incredibly low price of $59.95. Dr. Dre’s Beats have nothing on these beauties — they come with MTX Real Bass, are compatible with all devices, and even let you listen with a friend! If you have an existing $500 or $1,000 “All In” reservation the email was sent out yesterday. The headphones for new $500 and $1,000 “All In” reservation holders are only available for a limited time, so if you haven’t made your reservation yet, it’s a great time to get in line! Here’s the link.


Before we leave you to enjoy your weekend, did you see this week’s Momentum? Three-wheel vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, which is great as we’re pretty partial to them ourselves, and love the fact that we can be leading this movement! We will continue to focus on what makes the Elio  the Elio: Make it safe, in the USA, with ultra high mileage and low price and to set the standard on these important benefits for customers in this growing segment.

Elio Preview Tour:

September 24, 2016- Flint, MI – The Flint Farmer’s Market 300 E 1st St, Flint, MI 48502 8 AM until 5 PM

P4 Event



As always, thanks for your support and have a tremendous weekend!

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