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Have you locked in your base price?

Happy Friday Elio’ers! Are you ready for the big game this weekend? Football fans have had this weekend circled on their calendars for months and are chomping at the bit to see the result. We’re talking of course about the ….NFL Pro Bowl. Okay, whose kidding who, the big game’s not until next weekend. Who do you like? The New England Patriots vs. the Atlanta Falcons looks like a great matchup and pretty tough to call. Of course, if you’re from New England or Atlanta it may be a little easier to have a winning feeling. In the end, neither team is a “lock.”


Speaking of a “lock,” if you’re a regular reader of our Friday Blog you probably know the basics of our price lock. If you are saying to yourself “This topic, again?” we don’t blame you. We’re bringing up the topic again because we’re getting closer to the end of the lock in offer. Once we reach 65,000 total reservations, the program is closed without exception. Also, we continue to get quite a few questions about the lock in process.

Let’s start with the basics. All-In, non-refundable reservation holders can lock in their base price. If you take no action your base price will be set at $7,300*. You can, however, lock in your base price at $7,000*by making a binding commitment to purchase the vehicle when it’s ready. Here’s the link to lock in at $7,000.

The base price for refundable reservation holders is targeted at $7,300. To lock in your base price, just convert to All-In by going to this link. Refundable reservation holders can lock in as long as they convert before we reach the 65,000-reservation milestone. Once your reservation is converted, your reservation is set at $7,300. Then, you can lock in at $7,000 by making the commitment.

Here’s a chart to simplify the lock in program:


Here are a few common questions that have come in regarding the lock in.

If I lock in, can I still pick options or do I have to stick with a base model?

The lock in is simply locking in the base price. You can lock in your price and still add options!

Does locking in my base price have an effect on my reservation bonus?

No- locking in the price has nothing to do with your All-In reservation bonus.

I have multiple reservations- do I need to lock in multiple times?

If you have multiple reservations with the same email address, a single lock in covers all of your All-In reservations.

How can I be sure that I have locked in?

Once you go to the link and fill out the short form, you’ll see a pop up notification letting you know that we have received your lock in. Also, we will send you a confirmation email. If you’re not sure that you’re locked in, just go through the process again to be on the safe side.

There are less than 800 reservations to take advantage of the lock in offer. If you haven’t yet made a reservation but want to lock in your base price, here’s the link.

Thanks for your support and have a terrific weekend!

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*MSRP for non-refundable reservations only and applies only until non-refundable and refundable reservations total 65,000. Total current reservations can be seen at: MSRP excludes destination/delivery charges, taxes, title, registration, and options/installation.

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