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Happy Friday Elio friends and family! Many of you know about this weeks blog topic,, and some have even purchased items from them before. Regardless of your prior knowledge, here is the formal “re-roll-out” of our merchandise partner –!


Elio Motors wants to do things differently, better, than those that have come before us. One area that we will show this is in focus, and focusing on our vehicle.  We know vehicles. We know how to design, engineer, and build a reliable, safe, American Made, economical vehicle. We know how to do the thousands and thousands of tasks surrounding the Elio and how to build the support systems to that end. We know that we aren’t experts in everything however. That understanding leads us to finding partners to help us in areas that are outside of our core business or strength.  This is good for us in that we partner with experts in those selected fields.  Additionally, a point that Paul likes to talk about, by bringing in these partners to do what they know and do best, they can also be successful right along with Elio. Another perfect “win-win” scenario.

That is how was born.

We were approached by a gentleman, Cameron S., after he read Paul’s vision of supplier and vendor partnerships and saw it as a way to join the revolution and change the course of his life (BTW, he was an early reservation holder – not a prerequisite, but a nice touch –  along with a couple members of his family too and a huge supporter of the Elio vision)! Cameron saw a great opportunity to bring cool items to the Elio faithful, grow a business for his family, and allow Elio to do what we do. The deal was struck and was born.

The demand for Elio clothing and accessories has grown, especially over the last year, and so has  They have a brand new website, a sophisticated contact and fulfillment package, and a lot of new products in stock with more on the way.  They also have a link on the website in the upper right which will take you directly to purchase some great Elio merchandise. Take a minute to click through what they have to offer, and check back often to see what new products pop up.


This week in the Preview Tour:

January 23 – 25 – Tucson, AZ: Tucson Mall, 4500 North Oracle Road – Friday/Saturday 10 am – 9 pm and Sunday Noon to 6 pm; P4 show

January 27 – February 1 – Phoenix, AZ: Phoenix Open; stay tuned for details; P4 showing

Thank you for your continued support!

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