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Here Are the Reservation Holders


Happy Friday Elio’ers! Just think, in less than one week you will have already had your Thanksgiving turkey, late-night turkey snack, and Friday morning/afternoon sandwich. That’s right- we’re less than a week away from the kickoff to the Holiday Season. We consider Thanksgiving to be one of the best holidays. Why, you may ask? Good food- check. All day football- check. Getting together with loved ones- check. Giving thanks- check. An excuse for a hearty afternoon nap- check. What’s not to love? If you’re one of the millions of Americans traveling across the country for Thanksgiving, we hope you enjoy a safe, expeditious journey.

Speaking of “across the country,” we’ve received many questions about where, exactly, are the Elio Motors reservation holders. Generally, there are a few reasons behind this line of questioning: genuine curiosity, a desire to start regional Elio Owner clubs, and regional pride. While we don’t release all our reservation data, in the past we have looked at where the reservation holders reside. Today, we’re going to revisit this topic, with some new and insightful data.

If you’ve missed our previous blogs on the topic, we’ve taken a look at the USA as a whole and the density of reservation holders in each state. Below, you’ll find a map that shows which states have the most reservation holders. (Note- the darker the green, the more reservation holders reside in that state)


The Elio top ten offers some states that are predictable, with a few surprises in the mix. From number one to ten, these states are California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Washington, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Each of these states in the top ten have over 2,000 reservation holders! Fun fact- Alabama and Maryland have the exact number of reservation holders. If you’re from either state, now is your opportunity to break the tie! Some serious state pride is on the line.

Now, let’s take a look at the twenty most popular Elio cities.


Here’s the list, from number one to twenty:

1 Phoenix 11 Orlando
2 Houston 12 Miami
3 Las Vegas 13 San Jose
4 San Antonio 14 Columbus
5 San Diego 15 Portland
6 Austin 16 Springfield
7 Tucson 17 Arlington
8 Mesa 18 Albuquerque
9 Jacksonville 19 Colorado Springs
10 Dallas 20 Los Angeles


There are definitely some surprises in there. We would be remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to our home state if we didn’t mention that Arizona has three cities in the top twenty!

Let’s take it one step further. We were curious to find out the most popular first and last names of Elio reservation holders. Below, you’ll find the top ten for both.

Top Ten First Names (including alternate spellings and nicknames i.e. Mike and Mikey for Michael) :

1  John 6 William
2 Michael 7 Thomas
3 James 8 Mark
4 Robert 9 Richard
5 David 10 Charles


Top Ten Last Names:

1 Smith 6 Jones
2 Johnson 7 Williams
3 Miller 8 Anderson
4 Brown 9 Taylor
5 Davis 10 Martin


Interestingly enough, there are over 4,000 reservation holders with a unique first name and over 23,000 that have a unique last name! No matter the state or city you hail from or the uniqueness of your name, we genuinely appreciate each and every reservation holder that has joined us on this journey.

Thanks for your support and have a tremendous Turkey Day!

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