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It’s How We’re Wired…


When thinking about the components that make up a vehicle, there are several features that immediately come to mind. The engine, color, and transmission are likely headliners, however, there are hundreds of parts which do not garner top billing that are equally important to the vehicle’s functionality. As part of our journey, we endeavor to give our supporters an inside look at the parts and processes that come together to produce a new vehicle. Today’s blog from the archives will look at the wiring that powers the Elio.


The Elio is approximately 14 feet long and 4 feet wide, and these dimensions contain around 946 feet (around 10 pounds) of wire. The connectors, terminals, and wire together weigh approximately 22 pounds. To assure the power reaches each component efficiently, the vehicle uses 3 fuse boxes and 55 fuses.

This wiring is indispensable in powering many vital systems of the Elio:

Safety: ABS Module for anti-lock brakes, SAS Module for airbags, Traction Control, sensors Windshield Wipers and Washer

Driving: Engine Control Module, Body Control Module, Transmission Control Unit

Convenience: Radio, Power Windows, Power Lock, HVAC, Dome Light, Keyless Entry

Lighting: Headlights, turn signals, brake

The wiring and electric output of the Elio is more than sufficient to power the standard features of the vehicle. We anticipate that many Elio owners will add options through our ePlus: My Elio, My Way option program. From preliminary research, we anticipate that some of the most popular options will include power and/or heated seats, a back-up camera, blind spot detection, remote start, fog lights, and a security system. When considering the wiring and electrical power of the Elio, our engineers have designed the Elio to be more than capable of powering these options.

In keeping with the Elio Motors value proposition, we can offer the necessary power requirements while keeping the price low. To accomplish this, we have optimized the wiring harness designs for length, wire gauge, breakouts, and conduit. Additionally, while the wiring in the average vehicle weighs approximately 50 pounds, the wiring in the Elio weighs significantly less. Less wiring results in a more affordable vehicle and removes weight, which is essential when considering our mileage goals.

The Elio’s wiring will be subjected to a variety of tests before a vehicle leaves the facility. Water and dirt are detrimental to a vehicle’s wiring, so the Elio will undergo thorough salt spray and longevity testing. Additionally, the wiring will be subjected to extreme temperatures to ensure it performs in all conditions.

Wiring may not instantly come to mind when thinking of a vehicle, but its importance cannot be overlooked. The Elio’s wiring will allow our vital systems to function, while also providing enough power for additional options. As we move down the path to alter transportation, we will continue to give you a look at the process, right down to the wire.

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