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It’s On – Bracket Time! 3-14-14

Let the madness begin!  Elio March Color Madness is starting this week and there is already talk of some big early match-ups all over the internet.  OK, maybe “all over the internet” is a little bit of a stretch – but it is definitely a topic of discussion in the office!  The talking heads over at ESPN (Elio Special Projects Now) are ready to kick this month off, so here we go:

The winner of last weeks “bubble” colors came up like the sun every morning and shined above all others… yellow.  There was a strong push from purple mid-week but yellow ran away with the spot in the bracket by a 2:1 margin over purple.  Thanks everyone for voting.  The good news is that they made the bracket; the bad news is that they have to go against the number one seed.

Speaking of seeds, the seeds were determined by the committee and after long hours of discussion and arm twisting, here is how it shook out:


Licorice walked away as a surprise #1 seed with a narrow win over Marshmallow.  As we wrote about last week, the top color in North America is white with black coming in a close second.  The ESPN (Elio Special Projects Now) team felt like Licorice earned the top spot based on the “aggressive stance, solid block look and huge potential for pin striping.”  Marshmallow fell to number two just ahead of Creamsicle which took the third spot based on the huge success of the P4 Tour stops.  Spots #4 (True Blue), #5 (Sour Apple), #6 (Rocket Silver), and #7 (Red Hot) were all very close and were agonized over for minutes as they were placed in the bracket.  “Really all of the colors have a shot to win the entire thing” is the quote of the week from the committee at ESPN.

Here is how this is going to work:

  • Each week for the next three weeks we will have polls for each match-up
  • We will eliminate the color with the fewest votes (by match-up) each week
  • The winners will then move on to face another color the next week

You can help decide the outcome each week!  Let’s look at the match-ups:

Game one pits the number one seeded Licorice against the number eight seeded (the poll in-team) “Mellow Yellow (MY)”.  MY comes in with the momentum of the poll-in win but Licorice is a national favorite. “You come into a bracket like this, anyone can win” Licorice quoted, “I am happy with the seed but am not taking Yellow lightly  It had a great win last week and is battle tested”.  Licorice is a 25% favorite as the home team.

In our second game of week 2 we see True Blue versus Sour Apple in a match-up of contenders.  Sour Apple has converted the minds of many after a strong showing as P2.  True Blue is also a fan favorite, including one of our earliest reservation holders, Fran, who told us on a couple of occasions “I only buy blue things, every car I have ever had is blue, the bluer the better.  My Elio will be blue!”  We will see if the Fran contingent can overcome the unique and powerful Sour Apple.  The experts at our ESPN have this as a pick ’em game.

Game three is the game that everyone at ESPN is circling on the calendar as the best match-up of the second round.  This contest pits two favorites against each other in what could have been the final: #3 Creamsicle versus #6 Rocket Silver. This is a battle of P4 versus P3 colors and it is heated.  “I was upset that I didn’t get a shot at P4” Rocket Silver says, “I had a good run, actually, I still have a good run going, and Jerome from Elio Motors says I show well”.  This will be an interesting match-up to watch as the experts have Creamsicle winning by 8%.

And in our final contest, Marshmallow, the #2 seed, faces off against #7 Red Hot.  Someone had to face the #1 selling color for automobiles, and Red Hot got that assignment this year.  “Obviously we would have picked most any other color to play in the first round, but on any given day …”  Marshmallow comes in strong and has a chip on its shoulder for being bypassed for the #1 seed.  ESPN has this match-up as a 20% advantage for Marshmallow.

Thanks for voting for your favorite in each match, check back next week to see who moves on to the semifinals!

This week the Preview Tour continues at Bike Week in Daytona, Florida through the weekend.  Monday and Tuesday the team will be in Savannah, Georgia for St. Patrick’s Day.  Then the P4 is on its way to Birmingham, Alabama for a stop on the 20th of March.  Check the website at (News tab) for all things Preview Tour.  Stop by and say hello if you are in these areas!

For the folks that took advantage of the St. Patrick’s Day promotion (and special offer) all of the shirts have been shipped and will be in your hands by the big day.  It is not too late to get a St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt to wear for the rest of the year, click here to make your reservation!

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