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It’s That Time of Year


Happy Friday Elio’ers! If you have a calendar in your house or have recently visited a department store or mall, you know that we have officially entered the Holiday Season. As this time of year means that families and friends from all corners of the globe will come together to celebrate, millions of Americans will be traveling in the next month. This brings to mind some of the most frequent questions we receive about the Elio, namely how it will handle adverse driving conditions. Today’s Friday Blog will review several difficult driving conditions and how the Elio will respond.


As the Elio is a three-wheeled vehicle, there are many questions about its ability to drive in the snow. Can the Elio drive in the snow? Simply put, yes. The engine of the Elio is in the front, which places most of the weight over the front tires, giving us fantastic traction action. Not only that, but the Elio is front wheel drive, has a low center of gravity, ABS brakes, and traction and stability control, all standard. The Elio will handle reasonable amounts of snow just like most sedans on the road today.

Don’t believe us? Check out the video below of one of our prototypes in action.

Will the Elio replace a Hummer or dog sled? Probably not…Will the Elio turn more heads than a Hummer or dog sled? Probably…

Gravel Roads

Based on our recent blog that took a look at where the reservation holders live, the vast majority of future Elio owners are city slickers, but there is a strong contingent that chooses the path less traveled. This group of supporters wants to know if the Elio can withstand the grind of gravel and dirt roads. With an independent front suspension and shock coils, the Elio will not only plow through gravel roads, it will revel in the opportunity.


Speaking of city slickers, we have received quite a few questions about how the Elio will handle pothole-ridden roads. First of all, we have engineers from Detroit, so we understand the regular and constant threat that potholes can pose. Unless you’re rocking a Sherman or a Pershing, your vehicle is going to encounter potholes at some point. Just like the vehicle you drive now, the Elio will handle potholes as you learn to navigate around them. The current design of the Elio does not involve levitation, so avoiding potholes will require the same tactics you utilize in your four-wheeler.

Thanks for your support and have a festive weekend!

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