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LA Auto Show 2016 | Elio Motors Tour

The first week at the Los Angeles Auto Show is always buzzing with press, media, and the chance to get to know the automakers on a personal level.  Our news conference was exactly that.  Founder and CEO Paul Elio did a quick introduction and handed the baton to Senior Vice President of Marketing Tim Andrews to address the packed crowd with his personal insights on what Elio Motors is all about.  Here’s a short excerpt on his own reflections:

“The Elio story is about one man’s dream, the perseverance to never quit, and the incredible support of our fans across the United States.  It is the fans, the supporters, the reservation holders, and now our new shareholders that have made a difference in this company.  This, and all the people who work tirelessly within the company, seven days a week.  For everyone involved, the Elio means much more than just being a highmileage vehicle at a low price.  We are poised to make a meaningful impact on bringing jobs back to the United States.  The Elio can also have a significant impact on our environment and will redefine reliable, low cost transportation.  This project is far more reaching than Paul Elio ever thought.”

Showcasing at this year’s LA Auto Show, the E1c is receiving rave reviews on the interior fit and finish, the purpose designed 3-cylinder engine, and the gorgeous black “Licorice” exterior.  We’ll wrapup next week’s blog with a series of up close photos of our shiny new addition, but heres a few from this weeks highlights:


Paul Elio addresses the press


Elio Motors display at the LA Auto Show

Unknown-2Paul Elio with the E1c

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