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If you’re reading this blog post, you are living in the digital age. The internet has provided a staggering amount of benefits to our daily lives, from virtually limitless access to information to the way we can instantly communicate to access to a global marketplace. However, living in the digital age does have its drawbacks. With so much information available, we can experience information overload. At Elio Motors, we regularly communicate with our supporters and customers and want to ensure that you receive only the information that is suited to your interests. Our main communication channel is email and this week’s Momentum will provide a guide to make sure you are seamlessly receiving our emails.

While Spring Cleaning tidies up the house, Summer Cleaning is the time when we take care of our in-house email list. Over the next two weeks, we will be working to clean up and overhaul our database. Now is a good time to ensure that supporters that want to receive our communications are indeed receiving them. To be clear, we send out two emails a week: the Momentum on Wednesday and the Three Wheeling Blog on Friday. If you are not receiving emails on these days, make sure that [email protected] is on your safe sender’s list.

If you’re currently receiving emails, please make sure to click on the email and open it. Simply viewing the email in the preview panel may not register with our email provider, as is the case with most companies. Opening the email alerts our system that your email address is accurate and active, and we will continue to send you emails.

Additionally, you have the power to decide which types of emails to receive from Elio Motors. To manage your email preferences, simply click “Update your email preferences to choose the types of emails you receive.”


This link will take you directly to the proper page. Below is a description of the three different types of emails we send:

Promotional – These emails let both current and future reservation holders of upcoming or ongoing promotions.

Information– This email option mostly covers our progress and anything that has to do with Elio Motors as a company.  This is what most emails are sent under and we strongly recommend that all followers keep this one checked

Vehicle– These emails are for reservation holders only. This preference is how we will communicate with our reservation holders as they get closer to ordering and picking up their vehicles. It is imperative to keep this preference for reservation holders, as this is how we will reach out to you for all important matters. If you uncheck this box you will not receive your order email for your vehicle so we implore you to keep this checked.

Additionally, a handful of supporters have alerted us to an error that occurs with Norton Antivirus software. Please be aware that our site is 100% secure and that we are working with Norton and our IT team to get this issue resolved.

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