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Measurements, Gas Prices, and Autonomous Driving



Interior Measurements

The design of the Elio can be deceiving. As our vehicle is half the width of the average car, many wonder and speculate if they can fit comfortably in the Elio. Thus, the question “Will I fit” is frequently posited. The answer, for the vast majority of the population, is yes. The Elio was designed to fit the “95 percentile male” which is a six foot one, 230-pound male. For reference, here are the interior measurements of the Elio:

Headroom: Driver 39.8 Passenger 36.4 in

Seat width: Driver 20.6 Passenger 25.3 in

Interior Shoulder Width: 26.8 in

Front seat Legroom: 42.7 in

Rear seat Legroom: 33.1 in




On the flip side, shorter drivers have wondered if they will also fit comfortably in the Elio. The answer is again, yes. The measurement from the ground to the front seat is approximately 16 inches. The front seat is a 6-way adjustable seat, allowing for drivers of all heights and heft to fit comfortably.


Gas Prices on the Rise

While Americans have enjoyed a respite at the gas pump for years, the Houston Chronicle reports that “Gasoline prices rose to their highest levels since 2015, following the recent climb in crude oil prices… The increasing fuel costs come as U.S. oil prices are hovering above $64 a barrel Monday morning.” Even as gas prices and their rise remain modest, the Elio provides a viable insurance policy against the proven volatility of oil prices. As we have seen in the last decade, high gas prices can quickly take a major toll on the average American and the economy. At up to 84 miles per gallon on the highway, the Elio can protect household budgets against the possible surge in gasoline prices.


The Future of Self-Driving Vehicles

For the last few years, the concept and execution of autonomous driving has been a popular topic in the automotive industry. The idea has been titillating and polarizing, and it seems that the government will soon weigh in. According to Reuters, “the plans to unveil revised self-driving car guidelines this summer as the government sets out to rewrite regulations that pose legal barriers to robot vehicles, U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said on Sunday.” According to the Transportation Secretary, “The technology is there, the question is how do we regulate it, how do we continue to promote innovation but also safeguard safety.” The decisions the Department of Transportation will likely set the course for autonomous driving.


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