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Living in a digital age has many benefits. With a connection to the internet, we have at our fingertips virtually unlimited access to instant information. Never before has it been easier to stay connected and informed. Yet, this unlimited access to information can be overwhelming and taxing on how we spend our time. The information we seek can often slip through the cracks and go unnoticed. At Elio Motors, we do our very best to keep our supporters and reservation holders informed. We realize that with busy schedules, it can be difficult to keep up with our emails. For that reason, today’s Momentum is an index of the Momentum’s of 2017.


Engineering Results: Our Visibility Capability

A Move in The Right Direction: The Elio’s Exhaust Routing

Changes for the Better…

Answers to Engineering Questions

Engine Questions, Answered

Safety First…

The Structure of the Elio

Tried and True


A Look Inside the Manufacturing Process

An Inside Look at Manufacturing and Launch

This is Where it Starts

The Next Step Forward

An Eye-Catching Part of the Process

From Building B to Building A

The Final Step


Important Announcement Regarding the Elio Dash

Improvements to the Elio Engine

An “Illuminating” Momentum

Simple, But Important…

Where the Rubber Hits the Road…

Suspension of Disbelief

Electric Details

No Paint, No Gain

Elio Ergonomics

Details Make the Difference…

How We’re Wired

Steered in the Right Direction

Elio Engine Mounts

A Quiet, Comfortable Ride…


Legislative Progress Update

Elio Bringing Representatives Across the Aisle…

General Information

The Elio Foundation: Our Unique Configuration

It’s Bigger Than Us…

Stay in the Loop…

Have It Your Way

The “Big Three”

Elio On Demand

What Drives Us

Thank you for your support and Happy Thanksgiving.

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