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More Legislative Progress!

Happy Friday Elio’ers! They say time flies when you’re busy and having fun – maybe that’s why it feels like July flew by! Both major political parties have now wrapped up their conventions, and now we’re in for a long wait until November. So, yes, it’s time to prepare ourselves for the onslaught of political TV commercials. But luckily we’re getting closer and closer to the kickoff of football season- about 6 weeks until the NFL season starts. Sometimes you’ve got to look at the bright side!

If you are a fan of Elio Motors, you know that our vehicle is unique. Since it has three wheels, it won’t be confused with an average automobile. On the flip side, you won’t confuse it with a motorcycle because it comes equipped with safety features and fullautomotive controls. So if it’s not exactly a car and not a motorcycle, what is the Elio? We took a bit from each concept, and thus the autocycle classification was born.

We believe the autocycle designation makes sense- and we are not alone. Picture driving your current car to work in a helmet. Other than the strange looks you’d surely get from passersby, it could hinder your ability to drive. The same goes for the Elio– in an enclosed vehicle, wearing a helmet is an impediment, not a benefit. Plus, it totally affects your “cool” factor. Also, since the Elio has full automotive controls, drivers should be able to drive the vehicle with their regular driver’s license.

When we say we’re not alone, we mean that state legislatures agree with us as well. In fact, we’ve made tremendous progress on the legislative front. When we started, not many politicians knew exactly what to make of the Elio. Through some common sense and hard work, we were able to convince states that an autocycle designation makes sense for the Elio and for their constituents. When we started, only 11 states had exemptions for motorcycle licenses to operate an enclosed three-wheel vehicle. Today, 30 states have passed autocycle legislation and 41 states have an autocycle definition or motorcycle license exemption for enclosed three-wheel vehicles. If you missed the press release, click here.

Check out the maps below to see where your state stands:



Like we’ve said in the past, the Elio can be considered “purple”- not right, left, blue, red, or green. We think that the maps solidify our point!

Also, we wanted to share something pretty cool with you before we triumphantly head into the weekend. You may know that Continental is our tire supplier, but what you might not know is that Continental made a commitment to move their manufacturing to the United States just for Elio Motors. Pretty cool stuff! Continental’s commitment to Elio Motors’ vision has the potential to create American manufacturing jobs. Here’s a little sneak peek of the very first Elio Motors tire. Made in the USA.


In recent weeks we’ve talked quite a bit about the E-Series vehicles, and we’ve received a ton of questions about the status of the vehicles. Stay tuned for next week’s Momentum for more information on our progress on the series of Engineering vehicles!

Preview Tour:

As always, have a tremendous weekend and thanks for your support!

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