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Moving Forward – Reg A+


Happy Friday Elio’ers. Yet another great week at Elio Motors. We are sure that you read the Momentum blog on Wednesday that detailed the successes we have had over the last week. This morning (actually last night after business hours) we put the final touches on our SEC filing and filed it! The amount of hours that went into this process were staggering and the blog staff wants to give a hearty thank you and a pat on the back for job well done to the team that put this together, great work.

We have talked about the Reg A+ quite a bit lately for a couple of reasons that are relevant to every fan of Elio Motors.


First, Reg A+ is the next step in our funding plan and an important one to move us forward. Second, Reg A+ is a relatively new and innovative tool for start-up companies to move their business forward which is what Elio Motors is all about. New ways to get things done – be it funding great ideas or changing the way people move – are the backbone of civilization.

And finally, Reg A+ gives our fans and supporters a chance to capitalize on their passion for Elio Motors. They say if you want to be successful in life, do something that you love. Reg A+ and Elio Motors takes that axiom to the next level. We are thankful for the opportunity to partner with our fans and supporters.

The Elio Motors Reg A+ opportunity is still active on the site ( and open for the time being to anyone that would like to reserve shares. As of press time, 8,400 plus people have stepped up and indicated interest in Elio Motors. 8,400 people is a huge number in just two short months. If these people all moved and became a city they would be the twenty-eighth largest city in Nevada, #13 in Wyoming and #250 in Illinois (out of over 1,100!).

This process started with a lot of preparation in advance of the June 19 opening of the program to the US investor. We went live the minute we were allowed to and have set the pace for all other “crowd funders” to follow and now have led in the filing with the SEC. The next step is for the SEC to pour over the documentation and work with us to make it perfect before we complete the process with a formal offering of stock to those that indicated interest.

Progress every day.


This week on the Elio Preview Tour:

August 28 – August 30: Sonoma, CA – Sonoma Raceway – GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma – Indy Car Series – We will be outside of the race in the manufacturers’ area, free to the public; P4 show

September 5 – 7 – Sausalito, CA; Sausalito Art Festival


Thank you for your continued support.

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