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Myth Busters: Elio Motors Edition

Happy Friday Elio’ers! This is a bittersweet time of year for football fans. On the one hand, the college football season is over and it’s a long wait until the games begin again in August. Also, depending on your rooting interests, the National Championship game was a bit of a dud. On the other hand, this Sunday features the NFL’s final four and then we’re off to the Super Bowl! Here’s to an enjoyable Sunday of watching football. 

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Speaking of watching TV, have you ever seen the show Myth Busters? If not, the show takes a myth and then tests out that myth. For example, there is a photo of two men playing tennis on the wings of an airborne plane. Instead of taking the photo at face value, Myth Busters tried it for themselves. In the past, we’ve done our own version of Myth Busters with three-wheeled vehicles. Today, we’re going to bust some myths about the Elio!
Myth- 84 MPG on the highway is impossible
We often hear skepticism about our mileage goals, which we do not get offended by, but instead, we welcome the conversation! Our ultra-high mileage is possible due to a couple of factors. First, it’s all about aerodynamics, which is the basis for the sleek design of the Elio. Every detail, from the roof to the wheel fairings, is designed to enhance gas mileage as much as possible. Also, our front-to-back seating design dramatically improves gas mileage. Most of your gas is used to move air, and since the Elio is half as wide as most vehicles, you are moving half as much air. The result- a targeted 84 HWY MPG!
Myth- The low base price is unattainable
Again, this is a topic that encourages some interesting discussion. We are able to offer such a low base price for a variety of reasons, both big and small. For starters, since the Elio only has 1 door and 2 seats, we are able to cut costs right off the bat. Less material costs less. Secondly, we are using off-the-shelf components, which allows us to save on research and development, and these savings are passed on to Elio Motors customers. We even made small engineering decisions to cut costs, like the hood latches. While small, the savings add up and allow us to offer a great targeted price.
Myth- the Elio is unsafe
The Elio may be smaller than a tank, but that doesn’t mean it’s unsafe. The vehicle offers the Elio Motors Safety Management System, which includes three airbags, seat belts, a unibody frame, and Anti-lock Braking System. We’ve designed the Elio with safety as the number one priority. Myth= Busted.
 Thanks for your support and have an enjoyable weekend!

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