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Happy Friday Elio’ers! The month of August is a fun month for most people with the “last gasp of summer” vacations, the return to school for the kids and this year an added bonus of the first solar eclipse in 38 years (1979) in the US next Monday, August 21. Most locations in the US will have as much as 3 hours of eclipse, with totality lasting around two minutes for those of you lucky enough to be in its path. If you are not in the path, you can be one of the tens of millions of people that are migrating for this interesting event. We normally do not do this, but here is a great link that you can customize to your exact location so you are sure not to miss a single minute of the eclipse.

Standing around a group of friends, family or even strangers for that amount of time means you should prepare some topics for conversation. With that in mind, we wanted to make sure you are updated with the most recent Details page for all things Elio.

The details page is a single page specifications document that hits the technical side of the Elio and for the newly introduced, is a great place to get the “Details” on the vehicle. The page is resident online here: and when you scroll down, there is a convenient button to download the single sheet to share with others! The website will be updated over the weekend, but we wanted to give our loyal blog readers the first look! Find it below:


Feel free to share with everyone you know!

The serious Elio fan can recite most of the details of the Elio off the top of their heads and some know it as well as any Elio team member! If this is you, or even if you are an Elio zealot in training, there are a couple of additional details included in this version that you may find new. Let’s take a look at a couple of them now:

Hill Start Assist: Allows the brakes to stay engaged on an incline for three seconds so that you can engage first gear and not roll backward.The Hill Start Assist is a part of the ABS package

Overall Width: We have always talked about the front wheel track being 66.5” wide. Now the number is official for overall width of 75.5” for those of you that are looking at trailers or fighting for garage space. Speaking of space, as an additional bonus, the cabin has also been widened an inch as well.

Auxiliary Power: Outlined the extra power outlets available.

Tire Deflation Detection System: To let you know when one of the tires has dipped below the recommended inflation level.

There are several more that you can find on your own!

Enjoy your weekend and the eclipse on Monday and as always, thank you for your continued support.

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