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New York International Auto Show 2016 | Elio Motors Tour

Hello Elio’ers!  We’re right in the thick of the New York International Auto Show.  We’ve had a lot of positive attention at our booth.  Out of those who are visiting the Elio Motors booth, some saw the P4 last year and are excited to see the P5’s refinements,  others are seeing our three-wheeled design for the first time, and then there are the #futureliowners getting their first glimpse of the latest prototype.

Paul Elio kicked off the event with a press conference to unveil our new ePlus: My Elio My Way program.  The vision of ePlus is simple. Deliver a well-equipped base model, but provide our Elio owners the capability to personalize the vehicle with options based on their own unique driver experience. In addition, Elio owners will be able to add to their vehicle through a personalized website called as new options are brought to market by Elio Motors’ supplier network.

You can watch the press conference here.


As you can see from the photos above, the Elio Motors Tour Team has been pretty busy the past few days.  The excitement around the next big thing in transportation makes it all worthwhile.  We met George and Louise (no, not the Jeffersons, but we did manage to make a few Weezy jokes), who happen to both be motorcycle riders.  A few months back they were stuck inside surfing the internet on a rainy day when they came across something they’ve never seen before.  A high-mileage, two-seater called the Elio caught their attention and they just had to make a reservation.  The style of the Elio is what really sealed the deal to become #17,303 in line, but as they put it, “for $7,000 how could you not buy it?”  We agree.  Do you mind sticking around the booth and saying that a bit louder periodically throughout the day?  Thanks, much appreciated!


#futureliowners Louise and George in front of the P5 at the New York International Auto Show

If you plan on coming to the NY Auto Show this week, we are on the lower level in section 1B towards the back and we would love to see you.  Otherwise, check out our schedule below!


Upcoming Schedule – P5

Apr 08, 2016 – Apr 10, 2016 Barrett – Jackson, Palm Beach, FL – South Florida Fairgrounds – 9067 Southern Blvd West Palm Beach, FL Times: TBA by Barrett-Jackson – Website:



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