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Obrella – Elio Disrupts Auto Industry with Sleek, 3-Wheeled Car

Elio Disrupts Auto Industry with Sleek, 3-Wheeled Car

Source: Obrella


With two seats, three wheels, and 84 miles to the gallon Elio is looking to revolutionize the auto industry.

With ingenuity and creativity pulsing through the auto industry we have seen cars that don’t require drivers and cars that fly. But, what about cars that solve problems right now rather than in the distant future? With gas prices continually fluctuating and commutes that aren’t getting any shorter, Americans need a cost effective solution to high gas prices, expensive cars, gridlocked roads, and crowded parking lots.

These are all problems that Elio Motors is looking to solve.

This ingenious car touts 84 miles to the gallon, is the length of a Honda fit and only half of the width of a Honda fit. It is equipped with a heater, defroster, air conditioning, power windows, a door lock, a stereo, three airbags, a reinforced roll cage, side intrusion beams, seat belts, windshield wiper, stability control, and an anti-lock braking system. Eligible for the HOV lane and easy to park, it’s hard to see the downside to owning an Elio.


Paul Elio, the founder of Elio Motors, wants this car to be an “and” car rather than an “or” car. “Keep your SUV or your minivan or your large sedan, and when you’re driving back and forth to work all by yourself, take the Elio. At this price point and this mileage, that works financially for folks.”

Elio Motors was founded in 2008 by automotive engineer Paul Elio. Elio Motors currently has one plant (a former General Motors Sherveport Operations plant) in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. By purchasing a plant in America, Elio Motors will be supplying Americans with jobs (not typical of the auto industry today). Not only will the cars be built in America, but Elio reports that 90% of the parts used in the vehicle will come from suppliers in North America.


The Details

Because an Elio only has three wheels, it is classified as a motorcycle. This will mean a few things for your insurance policy…

  1. Savings! Motorcycle insurance is a lot cheaper than auto insurance.
  2. If you plan to fill your backseat with a passenger, you should be sure you have a policy that covers passengers.
  3. If you live in a state in which you would not normally drive a motorcycle during winter months, you will want to talk with your insurance company to ensure you have coverage year round.
  4. Right now, to drive an Elio legally you would have to wear a helmet in five states in the US. Elio is working to change this. Paul Elio believes that because of the extensive safety features within an Elio drivers will not be required to wear a helmet or have a motorcycle license.

If you’re already sold, you can pre-order an Elio (with a $500 downpayment). You wouldn’t be alone! With 37,191 reservations to date there are many people anxiously awaiting the scheduled 2015 release.



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