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Happy Friday Elio’ers! It’s been a challenging couple of weeks for many Americans and we hope this blog finds everyone in the affected areas safe and with minimal impact. These storms have wreaked havoc, yet Americans are nothing if not resilient. It looks like the worst is in the rear view mirror and now is the time to pick up the pieces and rebuild. For those not affected by the storms, it’s important to remember that while the news cameras might go away, the need for aid and support will not. Coming together, we can be even stronger than we were before!

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know that our two main communication channels are this Friday Blog (Three Wheeling) and the Momentum on Wednesday. While both are designed to keep Elio supporters in the loop, they aim to convey different types of information. The Momentum is a more technical oriented communication while the Friday Blog covers more general Elio Motors information. There are several topics that seem to fit in-between these two distinct entries. These questions are about the vehicle itself, but are not quite technical, nerdy (which is not a bad thing!) questions.

So, we thought this Friday Blog might act as the perfect bridge for some odds and ends vehicle questions! Without further ado…

What kind of key comes standard in the Elio?

Currently, a standard key/fob will come as standard equipment, one piece. This is not in stone at this point as we are working with vendors to minimize cost in all areas.

Will a rearview mirror be an available option?

We do not plan on offering a rearview mirror as an option because it is an obsolete feature in the Elio. With our front-to-back configuration and vehicle geometry, the side mirrors provide the driver with adequate sight lines for backing up. Additionally, a rearview camera will almost certainly be available as an option.

Does the interior come with a dome light?

Yes, a dome light located directly above the steering wheel comes standard.

How adjustable is the front seat?

The Elio comes standard with a 6-way manual front seat. 6-way means up/down/forward/aft/lean forward/lean rearward (until impeded by back seat, like most every vehicle on road today). We are planning on a power seat as an option as well.

Can I remove the back seat for extra storage?

Yes, you could, but the space gain is minimal as the rear seat is formed and shaped and overall fairly thin. Remember, the rear seat folds down for extra storage space.

What am I supposed to do with my golf clubs?

No issues here,



As always thank you for your support.

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