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Pop-up Recap and More…


Happy Friday Elio’ers! There are quite a few aspects that make spring a wonderful time of year. For one, the days get progressively longer and the temperatures begin to rise. The increased sunshine leads to the blooming of trees and flowers, and the foliage transforms from an ugly brown to a hopeful green. When you add in the start of baseball season and the Easter holiday, you’ve got a winner. But, when you least expect it, the power of spring will show itself. For example, Denver, Colorado experienced 70 and 80-degree days regularly in March. Now, a week before the start of May, four inches of snow are in the forecast. It’s a wonderful time of year, but don’t plan outdoor events too far in advance!


Luckily, spring was generous to our pop-up event on Wednesday in Pontiac, Michigan. In last Friday’s Blog, we highlighted the showing, and the attendance was incredible. True to form, Elio supporters showed up in full force, and were ready and waiting well before the start of the event. It was great to interact with a combination of diehard Elio fans, folks who knew only the basics, and passersby that absolutely needed to find out more. Trust us, if you put our vehicle out in public, it turns some heads.

Naturally, we fielded some great questions from the crowd. We realize that not everyone could make it to the pop-up event in Pontiac, so we’ll cover a few of the common questions here:

“Will there be another pop-up event in my area soon?”

It’s possible! Right now, our focus is on the task at hand, which is getting the vehicle into production, and this is an all hands on deck effort. There may be future pop-up events, but most of our focus at this stage is behind the scenes in funding and moving toward production.

“The Licorice E1c is all one color, including the fenders, while the rear of the fairings on the Red Hot P5 are black. Can I choose the look I like best?”

Absolutely! You will be able to color coordinate your Elio, through the My Elio My Way after sales program, and choose whichever scheme fits your taste. Each Elio will come standard with color matching front wheel fairings, all of which have the black rear portion.

“What will the final name be for the vehicle? Will it be the Elio?”

Very, very interesting question. The answer to this question is forthcoming.

“Can I just buy the E1c?”

We heard this question quite a few times and really, you can’t blame a guy or gal for trying! The only way to get an Elio is with a reservation. We are targeting next year to start production and we plan on filling all reservations in our first year of production.


A huge thank you to everyone that came out and made the pop-up event in Pontiac a huge success!

In case you missed it, this week’s Momentum reviews the Elio’s suspension. Want the cliff notes? The Elio is a front-wheel-drive vehicle with an independent suspension. ABS brakes and Electronic Stability Control are standard features, and we are employing a Short Long Arm suspension. Want more details? Just click here.


Thanks for your support!

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