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Press Conference in New York | Elio Motors

Hello Elio’ers!  It’s Tour Blog time.  As we mentioned last week, the P5 is with the engineering team and the tour will be back in March to see all of your wonderful faces again, which we couldn’t be happier about.

In the meantime, we’ve had some big news.  Elio Motors stock is now trading on the OTCQX.  Yep, more big progress.  If you missed the announcement or want to get a refresher on what exactly that means, read our press release.

Paul Elio will be in New York this Thursday to discuss the news alongside Cromwell Coulson, CEO of OTC Markets and Ron Miller of StartEngine.  They’ll be sharing the “inside story” of using Regulation A+ to raise capital from investors online and will also provide insight on what’s to come.  This is a huge time for Elio Motors and we’re so excited you’re along for the ride.  To make sure you’re there every step of the way, the Elio Motors social media team will be at the press conference live, periscoping the event.  Afterwards, they’ll also upload an HD video of it on YouTube.  If you’d like to be in on the action live, follow @eliomotors on Twitter and a Periscope link will be tweeted out as the conference starts at 9 a.m. (EST).  If you want to see it at a different time, just visit our YouTube page.

Thanks for checking in and we’ll see you back on tour soon :)

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