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Press Release – Readers Name Elio Motors’ $6,800, 84 MPG Vehicle “Product They’d Most Like to Take Home” Readers Name Elio Motors’ $6,800, 84 MPG Vehicle “Product They’d Most Like to Take Home” from Consumer Electronics Show

Low-cost, highly fuel efficient commuter vehicle garners 71 percent of votes in online poll.



Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 09, 2015


In a show known for dazzling new technology, Elio Motors’ low-cost, highly fuel efficient vehicle stood out of the crowd. According to an online poll of readers, 71 percent picked Elio Motors’ prototype vehicle as the product they would most like to take home from the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Elio beat out such highly regarded technologies as a 105-inch bendy TV and the JS9500 LCD TV from Samsung and the Dell XPS 13 laptop.

The Elio will retail for $6,800 and get up to 84 MPG and is slated to launch late this year. The poll underscores the vehicle’s growing consumer popularity. Nearly 40,000 people have reserved a spot in line to purchase a vehicle when they roll off the assembly line.

Despite the vehicle’s popularity, standing out at a major technology show caught even its most ardent supporter – founder and CEO Paul Elio – by surprise.

“The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the most important tech shows in the world and is a showcase of the latest and greatest technological innovations that are either already here or are coming soon,” Elio said. “We know our vehicle is innovative and has an eye-catching design. We turn heads everywhere we go. But, to stand out at a major technology show – one that’s not necessarily geared toward transportation – is an honor for our entire team.”

Elio Motors was in Las Vegas to demonstrate its new internet vehicle technology, the SkyzMatic vehicle connectivity system from technology innovator Infinite Skyz. The vehicle appeared at the Showstoppers @ CES media event at the Wynn Hotel on Tuesday, then made an appearance at the entrance of the CES show on Wednesday.

The vehicle connectivity system, dubbed “E-Live” provides a variety of safety, productivity and convenience options that run off of devices such as iPhones and iPads. The system empowers the end consumer to decide what level of interactivity and applications are important, while allowing for the flexibility to add additional features and technological upgrades in the future.

The Elio will be manufactured in Shreveport, Louisiana, in a former General Motors facility that manufactured the Hummer H3, creating 1,500 jobs. In addition, the Elio will use 90 percent North American content, creating another 1,500 jobs at its supplier partner companies. These manufacturing jobs will in turn create approximately 18,000 indirect jobs across the country.

Elio Motors sees multiple markets for its vehicle, including consumers who still need the occasional functionality of a pick-up truck, sport utility vehicle or minivan, but are looking for an affordable, fuel efficient vehicle for their solo driving. The company sees the Elio as an “and” vehicle – purchase a larger vehicle for those times when you need the functionality, but use the Elio for solo commuter trips. For example, 76.3 percent of all commuters drive solo to work every morning according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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