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Preview Tour – 9 Cities in 9 Days!

Preview Tour – 9 Cities in 9 Days!

Hello Elio’ers!  We’ve had a busy week with our 9 cities in 9 days tour (following the Great Race Route) and our Regulation A+ launch* with business incubator Start Engine.  But first, let’s see where we’ve been so far:

Saturday – St. Louis and Springfield, MO.  Sunday – Oklahoma City.  Monday – Amarillo, TX. Tuesday – Santa Fe, N.M and Wednesday will be Gallup, N.M.  Look who we were fortunate to see on Father’s Day:


Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 5.30.57 PM


Who doesn’t know Silas Sunday already?  Besides having a cool name, Silas is sporting a new Elio t-shirt with his wife Amy.  You see back in 2013, Silas was surfing for a new motorcycle when he came across an Elio ad.  He said “What is THAT?”, did some research, saw that the company was sound, and jumped right in at #1054.  Well, that was until Amy came out to see us last year.  She got so excited that she insisted on her own (#2338).  Then the magic began to happen.  

Silas is also married to his hobby: Elio Motors Design Concepts created on Facebook. It showcases the ideas, customized colors and graphics that other futureliowners have asked Silas to create. Our reservation holders have really big ideas for making their Elio one-of-a-kind. So pull up a comfy chair and get ready to be inspired by his photo gallery. We’re big fans of the tricked out P5 rendering…



And if that didn’t keep him busy enough, Silas is also leader for Elio Motors Oklahoma Chapter. He said, the first thing he’ll do in his Elio is go on a rally ride with other local futureliowners on an inaugural club cruise! We love how our fans continue to find ways to show their enthusiasm and support for Elio Motors.


Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 5.31.25 PM

And the team never tires of exploring random cool places with Elio, too…


Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 5.31.38 PM


We still have several stops to go.  You can view our upcoming location addresses on our Elio Motors Facebook page (scroll down on the left and click TOUR), on our website via a link on the StartEngine page (circled in the picture below), or at this direct link:




Now that we’ve covered the tour, we’re excited to tell you a bit more about the Regulation A+ offering we announced last Friday. This is a HUGE opportunity for our company and futureliowners alike and is yet another phase in our overall fundraising strategy. For futureliowners who have already shown their support of Elio Motors by reserving a place in line via a reservation, you now have the opportunity to buy in to Elio Motors. Which means, our success is officially yours too. For full details on the Regulation A+ opportunity, please visit Elio Motors on the StartEngine crowdfunding website. From there you can learn about the offering and Elio Motors.


Upcoming Schedule – P4

Jun 20, 2015 – Jun 28, 2015 Events posted below are for viewing of the Elio separate from the sponsored events of The Great Race. Join us and enjoy a few hours with the Elio Tour Team and some classic automobiles on display in the parking lot of the hotels listed below.
Jun 20, 2015 – Jun 20, 2015 Kickoff! – Elio At: Hampton Inn – 1580 South Kirkwood Road, Saint Louis, Missouri – Hours: 9am – 11am
Jun 20, 2015 – Jun 20, 2015 Evening Stop – Elio At: Hampton Inn & Suites – 2750 N. Glenstone Avenue, Springfield, Missouri – Hours: 5pm – 8pm
Jun 21, 2015 – Jun 21, 2015 Evening Stop – Elio At: Hampton Inn & Suites – 300 East Sheridan, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Hours: 5pm-8pm
Jun 22, 2015 – Jun 22, 2015 Evening Stop – Elio At: Homewood Suites – 8800 I-40 West, Amarillo, Texas – Hours: 5pm-8pm
Jun 23, 2015 – Jun 23, 2015 Evening Stop – Elio At: DoubleTree Hotel – 4048 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico – Hours: 5pm-8pm
Jun 24, 2015 – Jun 24, 2015 Evening Stop – Elio At: Hampton Inn – 111 Twin Buttes Road, Gallup, New Mexico – Hours: 5pm-8pm
Jun 25, 2015 – Jun 25, 2015 Evening Stop – Elio At: Hampton Inn & Suites – 2400 S. Beulah Blvd., Flagstaff, Arizona – Hours: 5pm-8pm
Jun 26, 2015 – Jun 26, 2015 Evening Stop – Elio At: Hampton Inn – 245 London Bridge Road, Lake Havasu City, Arizona – Hours: 5pm-8pm
Jun 27, 2015 – Jun 27, 2015 Evening Stop – Elio At: Hampton Inn & Suites – 250 North 9th Street, Colton, California – Hours: 5pm-8pm
Jun 28, 2015 – Jun 28, 2015 Evening Stop – TBA
Jul 04, 2015 – Jul 04, 2015 Morrison, CO – Bandimere Speedway (Thunder Mountain) – Hours – TBA


* No money or other consideration is being solicited at this time, and if sent in to Elio Motors or StartEngine, will not be accepted.  No offer to buy securities of Elio Motors can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until Elio Motor’s offering statement is qualified.  Any such offer to buy securities may be withdrawn or revoked, without obligation or commitment of any kind, at any time before notice of its acceptance is given after the qualification date.  Any indications of interest in Elio Motor’s offering involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

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