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Road Trip Ruminations


Happy Friday Elio’ers! We hope you are able to start enjoying spring and getting a chance to get out and experience the change of seasons. We are and that led us to this week’s blog – Road Trip Ruminations.

One of our Elio team members had the chance to go on a quick Spring break trip following one of their children’s sports teams. This is a picture that was repeated probably 500,000+ times over the last couple of weeks across the US. It is what we do, right? Grab a friend/family member or significant other and go! These kinds of trips are very American by nature and really are a big part of the freedom that we enjoy.

The trip overall was a huge success and they had a fantastic time. The trip did, however, allow for some good open road time and some ruminating on what was happening around us. Of course, the discussion quickly drifted to the Elio which led them to the following insights:


  • Where are the electric vehicles? The total miles driven were over 1,100 and there were very few, under 3, electric vehicles on the road (all spotted around a major city). Of course this isn’t scientific by any means nor is it a political statement, but it was noticeable that they’re missing from the flow of highway traffic. This is one of the reasons that we are creating the Elio with an ICE (internal combustion engine) power plant to start (in addition to technology and cost). You can pick up your Elio and go. No worries about the next charge or the time needed to charge it. Plus, up to 672 miles on a tank of gas on the highway!
  • Gas Savings: Of course this is a topic and great discussion on the drive. Their SUV averaged 19.2 MPG on the trip with an average cost per gallon of around $2.40. Driving the SUV cost them almost $100 more that the Elio would have on the same exact trip! Don’t know about you, but $100 bucks is a $100 bucks! They had fun talking about what they would have done with the extra money – hint, there was a lot of Lululemon and snacks talk.
  • Space: Another interesting topic was space needed for the trip. There were two of them, each with a small bag for three days of clothes and an athletic bag that would fall under the “must have” category. Of course, they filled up the back of the SUV because they could  – even though they really only used a couple of the extras that they brought with them. It would have been tight in an Elio without a roof rack or aerodynamic “back pack” type storage space, but they both agreed they could have made it work. The old saying is “where there’s a will, there is a way” and the Elio will be the way.

An Early Elio Model Storage Concept (Yes, it will fit over the trunk lid!)


Elio will help redefine road trips and the freedom that the open road affords!

The Elio Preview Tour:

Headed to Norfolk VA for a stop next week starting Friday (5/1) at the MacArthur Center Mall, P4 show

Remember to check the website for future locations for the Preview Tour here.

Thank you for your continued support.

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