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September Recap and Spot in Line Information!

Happy Friday Elio’ers! It may be cliché to say, but time really does fly. It’s hard to believe that it’s already the last day of September. And what a month it’s been! The song may not have been written about us, but our theme song might as well be Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere.” Here’s a quick look at the past month:

Just this September, our tour team made stops at Salt Lake City’s ComicCon, San Francisco for the Gateway Conference, Reno’s Air Show, and then to last week’s Flint’s Farmer’s Market. We trailer the vehicle to our events, but if we drove the Elio instead we would be saving some serious gas money!

Our tour team isn’t the only group that’s been on the move in September. Our founder and CEO Paul Elio was presenting in San Francisco, one of our E-Series vehicles (the E-1D) made its way from Michigan to Washington state, we talked about our company-wide ERP software, and we continued our legislative efforts nationwide. Whew! No wonder this month flew by.


While we’re talking about dates on the calendar, we might as well talk about numbers that are much more exciting —Spot in Line (SIL)! An SIL number shows $1,000 “All In” reservation holders exactly where they stand in the reservation line with an actual production number. The last batch of SIL numbers went out this week. A reminder: SILs are only for $1,000 “All In” reservation holders and we send out SILs to new $1,000 “All In” reservation holders in batches, so only those who have reached this level during a certain timeframe get this email. This batch covers reservation holders that either made $1,000 “All In” reservations or upgraded to this level from July 25th through September 25th. If you made a $1,000 “All In” reservation before July 25th, you will not receive another email. Since you already know your number, you are good to go!  Only new $1,000 “All In” reservation holders get this email. If you want to join this $1,000 “All In” level, you’d be in the 21,200 range. No reason to delay!


While we’re on the subject of SIL emails, let’s talk general email. We continue to hear from Elio Motors fans who are not receiving our emails. If you’re reading this Friday Blog, but didn’t get an email that brought you here, this portion is for you!

Let’s do a little bit of trouble shooting:

First, make sure that your subscription preferences are up to date. To do this, just find an email in your inbox from Elio Motors. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Email Preferences.” From there, you can choose three different types of emails: Promotional, Information, and Vehicle. Make sure to always keep “Vehicle” checked because this is how we will communicate with you when its time to purchase your vehicle.  Choose the other types of emails you’d like to receive and update your preferences. Now you’re all set!

If your preferences are set, and you’re not getting our updates, ask your email provider to “whitelist” emails from Elio Motors.

If you’re still not receiving emails, make sure that you have Elio Motors on your “safe senders list.” Add these three email addresses and you will be good to go: [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

If these solutions don’t work, go to your spam folder and see if for some reason there’s an email from Elio Motors hiding out in there. Then, move it back to your inbox, and you’ll be back in the loop!

We’ll have some great information coming your way, so make sure your email inbox is ready to receive the news!


Elio Preview Tour:

October 1-9 Albuquerque, NM – Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta – Balloon Fiesta Park – MONITOR CLOSELY FOR CHANGES/UPDATES!! ( Day/Times: Sat & Sun 6am-6pm – Mon – No Events – Tues – No Events – Wed – 6am-11am Thurs 6am-6pm – Fri 6am-6pm – Sat 6am-6pm – Sun 6am-11am – TIMES AND EVENT SUBJECT TO WEATHER (Rain or high winds mean events cancelled)

P4 Event


Thanks again for your support and have a fantastic weekend!

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