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Shreveport, Snow Tires, and More…

P5 plant

Happy Friday Elio’ers! First, a quick public service announcement: you have 17 days to finish (or start, as the case may be) your holiday shopping. A word to the wise, if you occasionally have to fight off procrastination, this may be a good time to start.

Today’s Friday Blog will cover two topics: the status of our plant in Shreveport and a follow-up to last week’s blog regarding the Elio’s ability to drive in various conditions.

There seems to be quite a few rumors floating around regarding the plant in Shreveport. We want to make it clear, unequivocally, that nothing has changed in regards to the plant. From the beginning, our aim has been to produce the Elio and create jobs in the area. Also, from the beginning, we knew that we would not be utilizing the entirety of the plant. There is another company currently using the plant, and that has always been the plan. In short, all is good in Shreveport. We look forward to creating jobs for the people of the Caddo Parish.

We received dozens of follow-up questions after last week’s opus about the Elio’s ability to handle different conditions. Below are the most popular questions from the past week!

Can I put chains on the Elio?

The Elio is by no means a SUV, although many of us would love a brand new American made SUV for $7,450! Part of the beauty of the Elio is that it is affordable enough that you can purchase an Elio and keep your vehicle that can handle blizzards. That being said, we know that some areas require chains as a safety precaution, so we plan on offering a winter package that would include larger fenders that would accommodate a low profile, think cable style, set of chains.

Will snow tires be available?

As you probably know, Continental is our tire supplier. The tires that are standard on the Elio are considered four season tires which are great for most all types of driving. As is the case with all accessories, if there is enough demand, that item will become available. So, if enough Elio customers want snow tires for their whip, the market will make them available.

Will the Elio be able to handle mountain driving?

The Elio will be a fantastic vehicle to take on mountain outings! We plan on offering a variety of different racks for mountain bikes, skis, etc. As far as actual driving, the Elio will have enough torque to handle hilly terrain. Additionally, hill start assist now comes as standard equipment.

Thanks for your enduring support and have a marvelous weekend!

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