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Happy Friday Elio’ers! We hope that you are enjoying the fall season and are ready for a laid-back weekend. This week, we’ve got quite a bit to cover, so let’s get right into it!

If you missed it, Wednesday’s Momentum outlined how we will make buying the in-demand Elio a more on-demand process. Basically, we will have Elio Motors retail centers strategically located across the country. To make the process of buying an Elio quicker and more personal, we will have several marshalling centers in the United States that will let us quickly turn around orders to the customer’s exact specifications.

Following the Momentum, as is usually the case, we were inundated with great follow up questions. Below are some of the most common and interesting questions we fielded from supporters after the Momentum was published.

Will I be able to pick up my Elio from the factory?

At this stage, our plan is to allow $1,000 All-In reservation holders to come down to the plant, take a tour of the facility, and head on down the road in their new Elio. The details are still being ironed out, but we think it’s going to be an awesome experience for our early adopters. Also, there have been some discussions out there about picking the vehicle up at the factory to save on the delivery fee. This is not true as there will be a delivery charge at the plant for this select group of $1000 all in reservation holders yet to be finalized.

Can I pick up my Elio from a marshalling center?

The marshalling centers are dedicated solely to installing options and handling logistics as quickly as possible and therefore will not be available as a consumer pickup location.

You mention different delivery options for reservation holders. What are they?

Great question! Reservation holders will have several delivery options available and the process could be different from that of the general public. While not all 60 stores will be open the day we start production, as stores open in the first year, pickup at those retail centers will be an option. Reservation holders can also opt to have their vehicles shipped to several available locations: a local public space like a racetrack or fairgrounds, maybe a supplier partner’s location or maybe, to make the process really on demand, even right to their front door! The costs are still being finalized as we work through the process, but just like with everything we do, we are committed to keeping the prices as low as we possibly can.

Let’s say I pick up my Elio with options but want to add other options later. Will I have to go through the aftermarket?

One of the unique aspects of our ePlus option program is the ability to keep up on all of the latest available technology through Elio Motors with OE fit and finish. After you have purchased your Elio, you will not need to buy a new vehicle to get the newest options. You will be able to add the latest Elio approved parts well after the purchase of the vehicle. The Elio Motors OEM parts will be available online, at our retail stores and through our service partner.

Thanks for your support and have a magnificent weekend!

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