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Happy Friday Elio’ers! The summer can be an incredibly busy time of year. Between weddings, vacations, backyard BBQs and outdoor activities, it can be hard to find time to stay in the loop. This Friday, we’ll attempt to make keeping informed on the Elio a little easier. Below you’ll find a Friday Blog index from the past seven months!

The Vehicle

Two Important Topics

The Elio v. ____


An Elio Motors Medley

A Platform for the Future

Business of Elio

The Intersection of Practicality and Innovation

An Attractive Option For…

Elio: Not Just a 3rd Vehicle, but the Only Vehicle You Should Own

Decisions, Decisions…

Financing and Funding

DIY With Elio

Elio and the Sunshine State

Hitting the Open Road With Elio

An Easy, Fun Process…

Thinking Outside the Box

“Ensuring” Affordability


A Tour Update and More

Where is the E1c?

Elio Supplier Meeting

Live Stream This Morning…

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…


Bring on 2018

A Three Wheeling Friday

A Penny For Your Thoughts…

The E1c, Shirt Design, and More…

T-Shirt Contest

The Votes Are In…

Memorial Day 2018

What It Means


Thanks for your support and have an incredible weekend!

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