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Happy Friday Elio’ers! With the Summer solstice taking place on Tuesday, we have officially made it to the summer season. It’s many people’s favorite season (count us as among summer’s biggest fans) and why not? There are so many different things you can do. If you like the outdoors, it’s a great time of year to play a round of golf, wander around on a nice walk, or take in a baseball game on a nice cool summer evening. Sometimes, it can seem like there are almost too many options when it comes to things to do in the summer!

Speaking of almost too many options, we know that between the Friday Blog and the Momentum we send out quite a bit of information each week. We also know that life can get pretty busy and not everyone has time to read everything each week. So, as a way to keep the information manageable, we will occasionally compile a blog index that makes it easier to catch up on recent Elio Motors news. Here’s a link to the most recent blog index.  Below you’ll find the past 9 months of Friday Blogs organized into different categories: vehicle, reservations, the business of Elio, events, and miscellaneous.


5-5-17 Battery Answers

4-21-17 Tire Talk

4-7-17 Fuel Tank

3-17-17 Wheel Fairings Answers! 

2-24-17 Answers to “Bright” Questions

2-10-17 Have you heard? A change we think you’ll like…

1-20-17 The Elio and Snow! 

10-14-16 FAQ Including E-Series Info! 


6-16-17 SIL, Support, and More…

6-9-17 Who are the Reservation Holders? 

6-2-17 What Color Will you Choose? 

3-31-17 Where are the reservation holders?

3-3-17 Important Lock In Information

2-3-17 Super Bowl, SIL, and Size!

1-27-17 Have you locked in your base price?

1-13-17 Important Lock In Information

12-2-16 SIL and New Photos! 

9-30-16 September Recap and Spot in Line Information! 

9-23-16 Have you heard? 

Business of Elio

4-14-17 And Then There Were None…

3-24-17 65,000 Reservations and Legislative Progress

12-16-16 Top Elio Motors Fun Facts! 

11-18-16 Meet the E1c

11-4-16 Answers to This Week’s Questions 

10-7-16 Another Milestone

9-9-16 Have Questions? We have Answers! 


5-19-17 Successful Pop-Up, a Great Supplier, and More…

5-12-17 Another Pop Up Scheduled! 

4-28-17 Pop-up Recap and More…


5-26-17 Memorial Day and a Quick Recap

3-10-17 Bloglight on Colorado! 

2-17-17 Fun and Interesting Elio Questions

1-6-17 Bring on 2017! 

12-9-16 Texas Bloglight! 

11-25-16 What We’re Thankful For

11-11-16 Veterans Day 

10-28-16 And the Winners Are…

10-21-16 2016 Halloween Costume Competition! 

9-16-16 Bloglight on Michigan and More! 

9-2-16 Labor Day and a Quick Catch Up!


We hope that you find the index helpful! Also, if you have some basic questions you’d like answered, feel free to explore our updated support tab on our website. Click here to be sent directly to the knowledge base. If you don’t see a question you’d like to see answered, let us know and we’ll continue to add information!


Thanks for your support and have a marvelous weekend!


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