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Staying Warm in the Elio


Happy Friday Elio’ers! In case you’ve been living under a rock (or in an igloo without Wi-Fi) there have been two stories dominating headlines this past week. The first story sweeping the nation is the greatest day of the year for football fans: Super Bowl Sunday. The flashy, upstart Los Angeles Rams are taking on the venerable, battle-tested New England Patriots. If you’re like us and don’t have a dog in the fight, you’re probably just rooting for a close, exciting game. The second story taking America by storm is the brutal polar vortex freezing much of America this week. In today’s Friday Blog, we’ll take a look at how the Elio will handle the winter cold.

The Elio’s climate control features include heat, defrost, and air-conditioning as standard equipment. As an autocycle, the heater is automotive in design (Our HVAC partner is RedDOT is an expert in cabin comfort). We have engineers from Michigan, so we know the value of a heater that can keep up in the dead of winter. We have not yet tested if the heater will put up with temperatures of -55, but it will definitely take the edge off the normal everyday winter freeze.

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As a matter of fact, we had our supplier RedDOT test the strength of the Elio’s heater. From an earlier Momentum, “To test the heater, the environmental chamber is cooled to temperatures just below 0 degrees Fahrenheit and soaked overnight. Then, the vehicle’s heater is cranked on to heat the E1D…The temperature inside the E1D rose to comfortable temperatures quickly, similar to most vehicles on the road today.” While not a sauna on wheels, winters in the Elio will be comfortable as long as you’re not cruising around Siberia.

This time of year, we receive more than a few questions about available options to enhance comfort during the winter months. Among the most popular questions from Alaska is will we offer a block heater to help the engine during extreme temperatures. Like many of our potential options, if there is enough demand, you can count on it being available. Other option requests include heated seats, heated mirrors, and a remote starter. These will almost assuredly be available as options and hopefully, make the terrors of winter a little more bearable.

Air conditioning may be far from your mind right now, but the A/C in the Elio will keep up in the summer heat as well. Just like we have engineers from Michigan, we also have engineers from Arizona, so we know the importance of keeping cool during the summer!


Thanks for your support and have a super and warm weekend!

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