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Streamlining Communications


Our goal at Elio Motors has been to keep our supporters informed while giving them a behind the scenes look at the process of bringing a new vehicle to market through many different communication channels. Of our communications, the Momentum has traditionally been the most technical. In past Momentums, we’ve covered engineering milestones, the outline and plans for our manufacturing facility in Caddo Parish, among many other technical topics. Right now, our engineers are focused on the topic covered in our latest press release while the rest of the team focuses on the next round of funding. For now, we will move to one communication per week through the Friday Blog.


You might ask yourself, what does this mean? While the Momentum is taking a break, we will continue to communicate through the Friday Blog and press releases. We have received strong feedback from supporters that two communications per week are a strain on their inboxes while we are in funding mode. The project is moving forward, and we will continue to keep our supporters informed of our progress and other industry issues and trends.

Below, please find an index of recent Momentums.


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Managing Information

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The Elio Experience

Automotive News

Two Recent Trends

Late Summer Driving Trends

The Search for Affordable Transportation

Summer Driving Trends

Gas Prices: Why They Change, Where They’re Going, What to Do


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