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Suspension of Disbelief

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Prior to the opening of a Hollywood blockbuster, a trailer is released.  The trailer gives the eager audience a glimpse at the final product and in most cases, this snippet is enough to whet the audience’s appetite until the entire production is released. For the most part, the thousands upon thousands of hours of work that go into creating the final product remain behind the proverbial curtain. Yet, some movie lovers want to see the ins and outs that make up the final product. For automotive enthusiasts, the scenario is the same. Instead of providing a brief look at the final product, we have endeavored to show the thousands upon thousands of hours of work that go into creating the final product to automotive enthusiasts and Elio Motors supporters. Today’s look is all about the suspension of the Elio.

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A vehicle’s suspension is intrinsically valuable to the quality of the entire vehicle. A vehicle may be aesthetically pleasing, but if it struggles with stability and handles roughly, its looks won’t get you very far. To the casual observer, our three-wheeled setup might provide a tough obstacle in terms of stability and handling. In reality, due to our low center of gravity, the Elio’s design allows for similar stability and handling to most vehicles on the road today.

To start with the basics, the Elio is a front-wheel-drive vehicle and features an independent suspension. Our vehicle will come standard with ABS brakes and Electronic Stability Control. Because the Elio is lightweight, power steering is not necessary, which allows us to use rack and pinion steering

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For the Elio, we are utilizing a Short Long Arm (SLA) suspension. No, that term is not an oxymoron. In the Elio, the upper arm is short and the lower arm is long. Our SLA suspension helps enhance the camber (angle of the wheel) when the vehicle is in motion. This type of suspension is common in passenger vehicles.

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However, there are aspects of the Elio suspension that set us apart from the average passenger vehicle on the road today. Our suspension features a Pull-Rod Front suspension, which is a rod that runs from the lower shock mount to the upper control arm to support the vehicle. This type of suspension is popular in many racing and exotic vehicles. The Lower Control Arm assembly is a proven and existing component which mounts to the engine cradle.

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As far as the rear suspension, we are using a Single Trailing Arm Rear Suspension. This component is similar to a motorcycle swing arm but is significantly stronger. This component will be made of high pressure, die-casted aluminum to ensure strength. The Upper Control Arm, which mounts to the front rails and is retained by rubber bearings, will also be high pressure casted.

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At Elio Motors, we want to give you more than a trailer of what is to come: we want to include you in the process, including aspects like the suspension of the Elio. The Elio will prove to be the automotive equivalent of a Hollywood blockbuster, and when it does, you’ll know exactly how it got there.

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