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Tech Talk v57 – Elio Motors Continues Its Winning Ways

Elio Motors Continues Its Winning Ways



At the beginning of February, Elio Motors provided an update of the most recent legislative activities. Since that time, the Elio Motors governmental affairs team continues their success around the nation with legislation that puts “Autocycle” in definition and exempts helmets and motorcycle licenses for operation.


Most recently, New Mexico Representative Carl Trujillo’s HB 65 passed House Transportation and the House of Representatives unanimously, 53-0 vote. The bill moves on to the Senate for consideration. SB 185 is the Senate version and is sponsored by Senator Lopez. SB 185 is awaiting approval of the Senate Transportation Committee.


On February 13, Representative Joe Palmer in Idaho was successful in moving H17 out of the Idaho House of Representatives with an overwhelming vote of 60-7. The legislation would put “Autocycle” in definition and exempt autocycles from helmet (under the age of 18) and motorcycle licensing requirements. The bill moves on to the Senate where it is expected to see quick action.


In Mississippi, Senator David Parker sponsored SB 2225. On February 5, Senator Parker pushed his legislation through committee and the Senate unanimously, 51-0 vote. Representative Massengill moved his autocycle license legislation quickly through committee and the House on February 4. Representative Massengill and Senator Parker have been working together in resolving the helmet and endorsement exemption issue for autocycles in MS and together are experiencing great success.


Arizona’s Senator Judy Burges has once again successfully moved her legislation addressing autocycle definition and motorcycle license exemption through Arizona Senate with a unanimous vote on February 9. The bill is now in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and should have a hearing on the agenda in the next four to six weeks. Meanwhile, on the House side, Representative Warren Petersen has moved HB 2211 autocycle legislation through both the House and Senate unanimously. Representative Petersen bill now seeks House approval of the Senate amendments. Quick passage is expected.


In response to the successes Elio Motors has realized, Paul Elio stated, “I would like to express our deepest appreciation for the work and quick reaction these legislators have taken in removing roadblocks to ownership of an ultra-efficient, affordable and innovative new vehicles like the Elio Motors Autocycle.”


It is anticipated that 2015 will prove to be a very successful legislative year for Elio Motors, reservation holders and our fans.

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