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Thank You

Happy Friday Elio’ers! We hope this email finds you in a satisfied turkey haze and doing something that makes you happy: from Black Friday shopping to enjoying a fall four day weekend with your family and everything in between. With all of the positive events that have been happening for us, the LA Auto Show, Security and Exchange Commission authorization leading to the opening of the window for people that reserved shares until December 2nd at 6 pm EST (3 pm PST), the P5 reveal, we are pretty excited to take some time with our families and fans in LA as well.

The blog this week is short and sweet with two items to share. The first is a “Thanksgiving Weekend” thank you to all of our followers, fans, and family. We are incredibly thankful for your passion and support of the Elio Motors vision and mission that words can barely touch the surface. We give everything we have every day to bring the Elio to market and will continue this drive until your Elio is in your driveway.

The second is more pictures of the P5. Here are a couple more that you can use for your wallpaper, screen savers and sharing with your friends and family.



Elio Preview Tour:

Through Sunday November 29; Los Angeles Auto Show, Los Angeles, CA; LA Convention Center; show hours; P5 show

Thank you for your support and passion.

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