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Thanksgiving and Leftovers…

Happy Friday Elio’ers!  We trust that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and got to spend some quality time with family and friends. We are shaking off the tryptophan and getting ready for some Black Friday action.  This week’s blog is a quick look at some random topics that don’t necessarily fit in their own blog, but are important none the less.

Before we get to that, we want to take advantage of Thanksgiving and give some thanks.  First, we are thankful for our families (especially the new babies!), our friends and our health.  Those three things give us a good base from which to move forward. We also want to give our thanks to those that have helped make Elio Motors what it is today:

  • Our supplier partners who have spent time and resources to get us to a high quality, low cost vehicle and have participated at an incredible level in all aspects of the project
  • The Elio Team – at the risk of sounding self-serving, we have a very dedicated team that has given everything they have to get Elio Motors off the ground and to create a great vehicle.  Your hours, effort and heart make us what we are now and what we will become.
  • And most importantly, we are thankful for you.  Elio would not be where we are today without you.  You have helped us in so many ways from making reservations, to telling everyone that you know about us, to calling news stations/bloggers/newspapers/radio stations asking them to do a piece on us, to handing out cards to complete strangers! You will be able to celebrate our success with us knowing that you had a significant impact.

Now, some leftovers (the name is not so flattering, but we all love them at Thanksgiving!!)

Spot In Line Emails:  We continue to receive questions about the Spot in Line (SIL).  The SIL emails go out every 5-6 weeks to the $1,000 All In reservation holders, including those of you that have upgraded from a lower All In reservation to $1,000. Only the new $1,000 All In level reservations receive an email with the number, we do not send emails to the entire list each time.  So if you are waiting for your SIL number from March, send us an email ([email protected]) because it is way overdue.  We have sent out emails to every $1,000 All In reservation holder through November 9, 2014.   The next SIL will go out around the last week of December.

Color/Options etc.:  Making a reservation is the first step to owning your Elio as your reservation gets you in line to buy.  You will take the next step of ordering your Elio through an email link that we will send you approximately two months before we make your exact vehicle. Don’t worry about missing the email because we will communicate to you through EVERY social media outlet! At that time you will be able to choose your color, transmission, and any options that you would like to add to your Elio.  We are working on some other items you will be able to complete at that time like financing and delivery. Stay tuned!

Elio in the snow

Finally, snow driving.  This comes up 10 times a day, three times that rate over the last week or two.  The Elio is a front wheel drive vehicle with the majority of the weight over the front wheels. It has a low center of gravity as well as traction control and ABS. This will create a lot of “traction action” that will make the Elio handle as well as, if not better than, a similar sized front wheel drive car.  We are not a four wheel drive $70,000 SUV, so if there is 5 feet of new snow stay home until the road is plowed…  here is the Elio in the snow.

This week on The Elio Preview Tour:

December 5-7 – Charlotte, North Carolina – SouthPark Mall – Mall Hours – P4 show

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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