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The Auto Industry and Tech Jobs


Happy Friday Elio’ers! We’re not sure about you, but we think this is kind of a strange time of year. Now that the holidays are retreating in the rearview mirror, it feels like, well, winter. Usually, the way you feel about winter can be summed up in 2 ways. Number 1- It’s cold outside and the days are way too short. It’s freezing, and I have no interest in venturing outside. At least there’s a good excuse to watch TV. Number 2- It’s not too cold out and the days are getting longer! Plus, you can always dress for the weather. No matter which camp you are in, we won’t judge. We hope that either way you’re finding your way through the post-holiday season.


If you’ve read our blogs on occasion, you know that we think that American manufacturing is vitally important to our country. Last year, the manufacturing industry was responsible for about 11.6% of the United States’ total economic output, to the tune of $2.33 trillion. If you isolated the U.S. manufacturing sector, it would rank as the 9th largest economy in the world. It goes without saying that manufacturing remains vitally important. We recently came across an interesting article about the future of American automotive jobs. The article, from WXYZ in Detroit, is titled “Auto industry quickly shifting to tech jobs.”

It should come as no surprise that the automotive industry is changing as a result of technology. The article reasons that workers with a technical background will be increasingly sought for the automotive industry. John McElroy, an expert from Autoline, believes that web programmers and engineers familiar with 3D printing will in short order be in high demand for the automotive industry. Moving forward, white-collar automotive workers should have a background in math, science, and technology.

That is not to say, however, that blue-collar workers will be out of work. From the article, “For blue-collar workers that means skilled trades are a go-to job right now. There’s a critical shortage of electricians and millwrights.” No matter how the industry changes, there will always be a need for well-trained and knowledgeable tradesmen.

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At Elio Motors, we believe in creating American automotive jobs in every arena, both white and blue collar. Manufacturing jobs are the backbone of our nation’s economy, and we work every day to bring jobs to Louisiana.

As always, thanks for your support and have a tremendous weekend!

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